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My latest: Team Trudeau’s shitty week two

For Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, week one of the campaign went really, really badly.

Week two, therefore, needed to go better.

It didn’t.

Here’s a roundup of the past week and a bit. When you eyeball it, you’ll understand why every published poll shows the Conservatives edging ahead.

— Aug. 25: The Liberal Party spent more than all other parties combined on Facebook ads in the first week of the campaign — but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the polling. Because the polling ain’t good. They’re losing.

— Aug. 26: Trudeau’s candidate for Trois-Rivieres wrote a column in July 2020 which criticized Trudeau’s “elastic ethics” in the wake of the WE Charity scandal. In other news, Grit candidate vetting is going swimmingly.

— Aug. 26: Our acting Chief of the Defence Staff says that Canada’s mission in Afghanistan has come to an end — even though Trudeau had said our Armed Forces would remain there until Aug. 31. Shame.

— Aug. 27: After outcry — and after a column by yours truly! — the Public Health Agency of Canada reversed its plans to postpone briefings on the fourth wave during the election campaign. The Sun gets results!

— Aug. 27: The Liberal Party’s candidate for Kildonan-St. Paul previously worked at a think tank which dismissed the stories of residential school survivors as a “myth.” Why is that person still a candidate?

— Aug. 27: Trudeau hosts a rally in Mississauga — which has media and Liberals packed in like cordwood. The attendance is well beyond Ontario’s limits on public gatherings. Trudeau shrugs when asked about it.

— Aug. 27, at the same rally in Mississauga: After attacking the Tories repeatedly for having unvaccinated candidates, Trudeau admits that not all Liberal campaigning candidates are vaccinated, either. Do as I say, not as I do, etc.

— Aug. 28: The Liberal Party’s Marco Mendicino — who should know better — declines to answer questions about visa regulations for Afghans seeking a way out of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

— Aug. 29: After six years in power, Justin Trudeau blames Stephen Harper for Canada’s increasing carbon emissions. In other news, Trudeau also blames Harper for long lineups and Canadian commercials during the Super Bowl.

— Aug. 30: The Conservatives point out that the Trudeau Liberals voted against a bill to ban foreign purchases of homes. Which the Grits now favour.

— Aug.  30: According to polling from Angus Reid, the number of Canadians who view Canada’s efforts to rescue Afghan nationals as a success “hovers near zero.” It could actually be less than zero.

— Aug. 30: Asked about his party’s process for handling sexual misconduct allegations, Trudeau reminds reporters that “every situation is different.” Which is basically what he also said when a reporter claimed Trudeau had groped her.

— Aug. 30: Trudeau called the election pivotal. But not so pivotal that he has a platform to show Canadians.

— Aug. 30: According to BNN Bloomberg, Canadians reported the sharpest decline in confidence since the middle of the pandemic last year. Rising inflation, the crisis in Afghanistan, and increasing COVID-19 cases are among the factors.

— Aug. 30: Real estate industry associations bash the Liberal housing platform amidst fears that it could “criminalize the way Canadians sell their homes.” Ouch!

And that’s how week two went, folks.

Will week three be any better?

Don’t hold your breath.


  1. Douglas W says:

    Team Trudeau, a mess:

    Kitchener-Centre Liberal candidate Raj Saini, facing sexual harassment allegations.

    Vancouver Granville Liberal candidate Taleeb Noormohamed has flipped more than 20 properties.

    Federal cabinet minister Steven Guilbeault can’t be bothered, paying his taxes.

    Then, there’s the federal cabinet, approving a China company, getting a sweet $100-million deal to build a ferry.

    Moral compass — what moral compass?

    • Dave F. says:

      Liberal Raj SAINI was imitating (?) J. TRUDEAU knowing the following proven FACTS…
      ► Remember these FACTS, when TRUDEAU was a Teacher in B.C., & TRUDEAU was FIRED & he LOSS his Teaching License for his inappropriate-improper conduct-behaviour with a MINOR.! In the Law, a ‘MINOR’ is defined as a young person who’s UNDER the age of 16-years old & does NOT have all the Legal Rights of an Adult.
      ► There’s a name for adults that Misuses-Exploits the Trust of an Under-Aged person.
      ► Do you know the perverted-name given to the offending adult.? I’m sure you do.!
      ► And the young Victim, how did-will this distress the young Victim in their lifetime.?

  2. Brian Thomson says:

    Week three starts off with Trudeau defending Liberal candidate accused of sexual harassment by multiple female staffers.

    Trudeau provides weak defense of this candid, claiming that the process was followed.

    What else can he do after being outed as a groper who disrespects women?

  3. Robert White says:

    Feminist-in-Chief Trudeau & Deputy PM/Finance Minister delivered Canada’s first ‘Feminist Budget’ whereby Childcare is now supported with a $10 per day government subsidy phased in over the next five years, but at the rate of inflation $10 CDN childcare will be pittance as subsidy given inflation hitting the pocketbooks of working parents across our land coast-to-coast-to-coast.

    The Conservatives should announce the same subsidy only better at $15 dollar subsidy phased in over five years.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      To clarify, it isn’t a $10/day subsidy, it’s that the spaces themselves will cost only $10/day for parents. No I’m not voting for Trudeau but just wanted to state the true facts.

  4. A word to the crew of HMCS Trudeau Titanic: it took your sister ship five minutes to sink and not two hours and forty minutes, as previously estimated. At least the Trudeau Liberal reprieve will last a long and painful thirty-six days.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer and more deserving bunch!

  5. Fred J Pertanson says:

    Love it!

    Post this on the CBC comments section and you will be banned for life.

    Keep up the good work, Warren!

  6. Fred J Pertanson says:

    Warren, me again. You missed the Taliban brothers comment by Maryam!

    That’s gotta be worth -5% in polling all by itself.


  7. Sean says:

    Maryam Monsef is upset that O’Toole once called her a fraud and a disgrace in a video she released today. After you’ve stopped laughing… Believe it. She really thinks there is something wrong with that. If you live in Peterborough Kawartha… Mark your ballots accordingly.

  8. Pedant says:

    Agree with you on everything except the last point.

    Realtor creeps (including Tim Hudak, btw) bashing the Liberal housing plan is actually GOOD for the Liberals. Though I don’t even think the criticism was genuine; the Liberals have inflated a massive housing bubble that has crushed young people but enriched realtors across the country. They surely want the Liberals back in power.

  9. Phil in London says:

    Listening to the “answers” offered at his morning pressed yesterday, the week ain’t starting much better. His Kitchener centre candidate and MP incumbent has four sexual allocations and he did everything but state the women must have experienced it differently, his support for the dude was unequivocal.
    Than he condemns O’Toole for not condemning liberal protesters when in fact he did.

  10. Gilbert says:

    I can’t believe that Justin Trudeau found Maryam Monsef’s comment acceptable. Brothers don’t kill 158 Canadian soldiers. She could have said that her desire was to find common ground with the Taliban but then admitted that her language was unacceptable.

    The prime minister’s pride is leading to his downfall. He can’t admit he’s ever wrong. This isn’tt 2015. He still thinks his looks and his acting are sufficient to win the election.

    Many Canadians are tired of his lies, his arrogance, his corruption and his incompetence. The anger is real. It’ s time for him to go.

  11. Washington Irving says:

    He called this election knowing it would end up killing a number of Canadians. Why did he do that? Why not show some empathy for these misguided antivaxers? Why not use this as a teachable moment, many of them will become infected as a result if his desire to get a good social media post showing him “standing up” to the protest. What a cruel monster.

  12. Vancouverois says:

    And yet, according to pollsters the Liberals are still in the race, with a fair possibility of forming another minority government.

    Maybe that will change once all of this sinks in. But I’m still not sure.

    Sometimes I really have to wonder what’s wrong with this country.

  13. Phil in London says:

    Ah, now we have a platform look at these great new ideas

    Clean water on reserves! getting people vaccinated! tell the provinces how to manage their health care! and while at it long term care! A home of their own for absolutely everyone! (with no plan on affordability.)

    They are going to support seniors and young people and aboriginal people and LGBQT2 and let’s not forget the disabled.

    Green jobs, green this green that.

    A principled approach to foreign policy. Oops, I thought I could get through this in full sarcasm mode but I can’t stop laughing as I recall the stunt in India, pissing off the EU, the Pacific Rim and oh yeah Afghanistan.

    Honestly the CTV news GAVE THEM A LINK to release the platform and it looks like such thin grewel I am studying the merits of a bread and water diet.

    I have to go, I dropped my advance polling ballot in the mail this morning I simply have to break into the mailbox before it gets to election Canada because this platform well it is so um, ah um er good, really good. in fact he even stated it is good for the next 18 months (is he presuming he gets to call the next election?) or 18 years (if he wins dictator for life?)

    It does say a lot about their environmental stance in that they truly believe in the three Rs – Reduce (new ideas) Reuse (elections on a whim) and Recycling (of empty promises)

  14. Frank Casey says:

    Re Trudeau’s shitty week. August 26.
    Did Justin not say Canada would stay after August 31 deadline, or am I mistaken?

    • Frank,

      The words “one “or “two” months came out of this Prime Minister’s mouth but like most everything else, it was neither based on practical reality, a command of the issues or the ability to skillfully analyze and come up with a sound judgment on any given issue. In other words, much more of the same…happy voting!

  15. Frank Casey says:

    Re Trudeau’s shitty week. August 26. Canada would stay until August 31
    Did Justin not say Canada would stay AFTER August 31 deadline, or am I mistaken?

  16. PJH says:

    You August 29th comment had me howling…..thanks for a much needed belly laugh, Mr. Kinsella…..

  17. phrantik says:

    I notice in the photo in your article in Today’s Sun that Trudeau is also sitting beside Marwan Tabbara, who has been charged with rape and is two months from a lifetime pension while he still sits in office.

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