08.26.2021 07:41 PM

This is Prime Ministerial.


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Perhaps this is the time, God willing, where Erin O’Toole, leader of the Conservative Party comes face to face with his political destiny. IMHO, we are going to be in good hands.

    Please consider voting CPC and may God bless this most wonderful of countries. Thank you.

  2. Phil in London says:

    Coherent, intelligent and honest how is that prime ministerial?
    Justin Trudeau can bring lies, confusion and dimwitted banter. Now THAT is how a PM should behave because it’s 2021

  3. Dan Campbell says:

    The comments were Prime Ministerial.

    The hand guestures were more Prime Ministerial Candidatorial.

    I found them distracting and unnecessary for such a serious message

  4. Pedant says:

    He seems like a…real person. How novel.

    The polling shift that occurred last week has held so far. According to Nanos, O’Toole is now 3 points behind Trudeau for preferred PM (32 to 29). I hope the CPC team is shrewd enough to campaign as if they’re 10 points behind, right up to E-day.

  5. Jim Keegan says:

    More statesmanship in that 4 minute clip than we have seen from Trudeau in 6 years.

  6. Vote Quimby says:

    Yea. That was pretty good

  7. Sean says:

    Erin O’Toole is going to win this election.

    And he is going to win the next one.

  8. Glen says:

    The Trudeau liberals are going to have to go nuclear soon, then we have JWR’s book coming out in a couple of weeks.

    It will be interesting to see how their desperation dictates tactics for the rest of the campaign.

    Or, perhaps this is more nefarious, and liberal insiders see what a long term liability he is & are working to dethrone him.

    What still boggles my mind is, how his continuous robotic non-answer talking points aren’t sinking him even faster – anyone?

    • Glen,

      Don’t get your hopes up. JWR’s book risks to turn out to be somewhat of a wet firecracker. Remember, she’s no longer a TRUDEAU Liberal but she remains a Liberal as far as I know for the long game. Keep in mind what her Dad said.

    • Sean says:

      Polling trends are really hard to read and are very static in between elections. 95% of the public isn’t paying attention. It drives partisans crazy because they are seeing a sporting event every day when everyone else is just watching the news.

      A type personalities seem to shift in the first few weeks of a campaign. This is where we see subtle movement in “preferred leader” scores. This is why I’ve been so certain that O’Toole would win since day one of the campaign. Slow but noticeable movement in that specific category. The people who everyone listens to (loud mouth uncle… pushy mother in law) change their mind and a lot of people just listen to them.

      The overall horse race numbers usually follow. If things change at all, it will be at a lightening pace of movement in weeks 3-4. Things are generally settled by the start of the final week.

      I’m not a professional, but I’ve noticed these trends in a few campaigns and they seem to be consistent.

      • Sean,

        Agreed that the trend is clearly the CPC’s friend but with two provisos: this Prime Minister’s last hope is the debates and of course, the polls could be à la Nova Scotia. Pretty much no one saw that one coming.

        • Sean says:

          The debates will be fascinating and I really think the attention will be on O’Toole at that point.

          The Justin slow motion train wreck will soon be old news and everyone is getting tired of the daily discussion of just how pathetic and hopeless the current government is.

          Alternatively, O’Toole is running by far the most left of center campaign we have ever seen from a Conservative – IMO. Its a balls out / risky platform that no one expected and no one can fault the guy for lack of audacity. There is stuff in the platform that even NDP supporters should be flocking to. IE foreign investment, mental health etc… The question will be whether or not its serious business or just campaign stuff. I really think the debates will be about the seriousness of the Tory platform and Erin O’Toole sealing the deal with Blue Liberals / Red Tories on the fence.

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