09.20.2021 10:08 PM

Deja boo


  1. Peter Williams says:

    $610 million and no change!

    What kind of callous person calls an election during a pandemic after saying they wouldn’t? … a Liberal.

    Will be interesting to see if the NDP and Bloc do Justin’s bidding during committees.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Here are my thoughts: I thought Lisa got it exactly right: Erin will have a frank and firm discussion with caucus and after that, he’ll have a decision to make. Either way, it should be respected.

    As a MacKay supporter I invite all of his supporters to do like me: just leave it the hell alone. For my part, I will take my cue from Erin and so should all the rest of you, IMHO.

    • Douglas W says:

      The Libs would be delighted to head into another election (perhaps 18 months from now) against EOT, who led his party to fewer seats than Scheer.

      EOT never connected with Canadians.
      Firmly attached to gun lobby group.
      Dagger to his party’s hopes in the GTA.

      Conservatives need to pick a leader who’s GTA friendly, or who can run the table in Quebec.

      Leslyn Lewis.
      Pierre Paul-Hus
      Dominique Vien (best choice)

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Why we lost: first off, those blue ads. A pack of total lies but set up by the Liberals as a piece of strategic genius. Then throw in the Blair ad: as soon as I saw it for the first time, my heart immediately sank thinking it was over for us. The GTA willingly bought into those lies because the campaign did not have sufficient teflon kryptonite between our actual positions and the lies that the Liberals spread. So…the GTA willingly gobbled it up and the rest is history.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    The lesson in all this is for the CPC not to deliberately mine our own harbour in a campaign — we fucking did it on assault-style weapons and again on candidate vaccinations. That’s why we lost, period.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    And many thanks to Warren for shutting out the PPC. Canada will be forever grateful.

  6. Gary says:

    Well at least Monsef lost her seat. Such a damn disgusting disgrace she is.

  7. Robert White says:

    $610 million CDN could fix Ottawa’s LRT conundrums. That amount could renovate 24 Sussex Drive or demolish it and build new.

    I could have bought $610 million worth of weed with that money, eh.

    Elect a clown expect a costly circus.

    The sorry aspect of this is that PM Feminist-in-Chief has more money as we Canadians have less.

    He is NOT worth $368k per year, and neither are the other Liberals.


  8. Phil in London says:

    I don’t thing the liberals have a lot to crow about, no one does except maybe the electorate who more or less said “look we gave you our decision in 2019 and nothing has changed so get the fuck back to work.”

    The major parties can all make a case for change of leadership, liberals reasons are most selfish, to get a new star in their to “get us all re-elected with fewer challenges”. Conservatives because conservatives don’t even have a sheath for their knives, those blades are always out. Dippers because Jagmeet is a great guy but can’t move the needle.

    Now if I am the leadership I would say we do not want to go through the gruelling effort to anoint a new leader and stay on election readiness. Like Covid fatigue and also because of Covid fatigue I feel each party has to dance with the one that brung them.

    The liberals will let trudeau decide his fate for two reasons, his is a cult leadership, cult followers will not take kind to the leader being taken out. They can also point to the strength of the campaign they did run despite bad optics. In a different light they likely believe can spit polish the boy wonder and have another go at it. Hard to fathom people needing MORE to dump on him so I think his brand is actually pretty safe.

    Team blue will be wise to keep O’Toole, fact is people are just getting to know him. ANY new leader including Peter MacKay (please God no) will be in the dubious position of needing to get the voters to have a serious look. The dude is pretty unflappable, fairly good in both languages and nothing personal in the baggage department.

    Dippers will likely feel it is time to change as well because as much as Canada loves Jagmeet, he’s dead meat in some areas such as La Belle province. I just don’t get why Singh and the NDP has never really run against the liberals always against the conservatives. Even the Orange wave was an appeal to liberals to literally lend them their vote to stop a conservative government. The reality is that outside of some bizarre event. The NDP will NEVER EVER EVER form a government until they can convince liberal supporters to abandon their elite politicians and support dippers for real change. It will take more than an election cycle or two but you have to go to the first part NEVER EVER EVER…. Jagmeet can be the leader for that and can serve as both a caretaker and an opposition leader in waiting. Much like Jack Layton was around a long time before they broke through.

    If I were the conservatives I would be reaching out to the NDP to see how much common ground we can have in opposition, despite our ideological differences.

    The Bloc would than be in the unenviable position of propping up a corrupt regime. I won’t call the Bloc corrupt as much as selfish. Their game is to extract as much as they can for Quebec and they really don’t give a damn who they get it from as long as they get it.

    I don’t think anyone wants another election any time soon. You can prepare for the next one without clearing house, there are some seismic changes for the Conservative and New Democratic Parties but trying the same thing over and over again, campaigning to the same end and expecting a difference outcome is by Einstein’s definition insanity.

    Now for those of us who are not yet fully depressed, this election did not cost $600 million, it cost twice that when you consider the pre-campaign spending, the early election with Covid protocols and the certainty that we’ll be doing this again sometime real soon.

  9. Meanwhile, everyone in the OLO and in the campaign who either advocated for or agreed with our initial position on assault-style weapons or the lack of full candidate vaccination needs to be FIRED and fast.

    Those who poorly advised the leader need to end up under the bus.

    • The Doctor says:

      I agree ROD – I tend to think this failure lies on O’Toole’s senior advisors rather than any lack of political ability on his part. These people need to get out more, there just seems to be a lack of ordinary common sense there.

  10. A. Voter says:

    The Conservatives did badly in 2019 because of Sheer’s stupidity and lost in 2021 because of sheer stupidity. One could write a book on all the screw-ups, but the gun pledge in the platform was one of the biggest. I read that O’Toole was blocking Peter McKay from running in Central Nova and at the time thought he doesn’t know how to win. O’Toole spoke well in defeat, but was lost during the campaign when faced with reporters questions.

  11. This was a much more difficult election for Justin, and although I am not a fan, he is a formidable campaigner, and was the best of all of the leaders on the stump. He had all of the baggage of the last few years to deal with, and was still able to overcome it. I don’t care for the CPC leader; he is far too duplicitous. I think many of the voters didn’t buy his schtick (which is why he was unable to make inroads in the areas that his party needed to). It is hard to run a party when you are an opportunist who is not in sync with the base. The NDP are still fighting an uphill battle. Their brand is not distinct enough IMHO (most people don’t take them seriously and their policies are too close to the Liberals). The performance of the Green Party proved their sceptics right. The way they turned on the leader was appealing, and quite frankly, reeked of racism and anti-semitism. They may be down for the count. So, other than the waste of money and acrimony, we are pretty much back to where we were. Sad.

  12. The Doctor says:

    Interesting that all the Daisy folks predicted the Tories would win more seats than they actually did.

  13. Red Tory Blue Mood says:

    Elections are not “nothing”, Warren.
    They are the essence of the democratic process. Don’t let the Topham-Guerin spin get to you. This is also the _least_ that has been spent for an election in a long time.

    It’s also sent a signal to the Tories to get rid of the fringe people like Gallant and Cooper and and to get onside socially on the progressive side. After the leadership review, the Tories need to bring in a “Harper-Lite” that will just whip party votes on anything social, forbid free votes on abortion and so on and just focus on the fiscal side.

    Hire policy wonks. The CPC USED to have these, where the **** are they these days?

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