09.04.2021 10:53 PM

Foot, aim, shoot


  1. Nick M. says:

    LPC throwing the kitchen sink at O’Toole, and the LPC think they have found something that has stuck.

    I am concerned that this will hurt O’Toole. Public doesn’t care for the nuances. For them it isn’t complex. They don’t care why an AR-15 is being banned, but the WK180 isn’t? Don’t care about the rigorous process be licensed. Don’t care that most guns used illegally, were smuggled from the US. Non gun owners don’t like guns. And that is that.

    However, I can only recall meeting one voter who found guns to be an issue in 2006. (Despite all the neg advertising around it in that election.) And that was an NDP voter, who was going to vote strategically for the LPC in a LPC-NDP competitive riding. She didn’t care that the CPC couldn’t win her riding. It was about making sure the CPC didn’t have the most seats at the end of the day.

    I personally must have have logged voting intentions and issues of 2000 voters in that election, and only one who openly discussed guns.

    Had multiple people rant against the oddest things like Rae Days, to old people complaining about the efficacy of generic drugs, learned why a generation of Italians didn’t like Diefenbaker.

    But only one person who was concerned about Harper and gun laws.

    Nonetheless, a clear answer needs to be provided by tomorrow, with a co-announcement of getting tough on crime.

  2. Sean says:

    agreed… it’s not fair for Justin to use this issue, since his record reflects *increased* – not decreased gun violence. GC stats back this up. Clearly Justin’s meaningless policies are failing. The problem is worse than it was under Harper. However, elections are not about fairness. Joe and Jane Frontporch (who are not experts on the legal distinctions of various fire arms capabilities) will only remember that O’Toole is soft on gun laws and Justin isn’t.

  3. Gilbert says:

    The Liberals are desperate and are looking for any issue they can find. Hasn’t crime increased under their leadership? What have they done to deter criminals?

    It should be big news that Ms. Monsef is currently second in her riding, and that the candidate in Kitchener, the one who the PM defended, has resigned.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      The Trudeau Liberals are all about deflection, especially when it’s not even close to accurate. And so the LPC war room goes. O’Toole needs to not ignore the flashing red sign that has just appeared on the horizon. We have to go on the offence and announce a change. Otherwise…

  4. Phil in London says:

    It’s an election about vanity and gun control doesn’t even need to be part of the discussion – much like abortion. It’s one of the last things any freedom loving conservative is going to be swayed by. If they own a registered gun, and believes in the right to own it, they have no other mainstream party even close. They’ll accept some gun control over many other culture if the left issues. Why is he making it an issue?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Even without this red-herring, Liberals already have a built-in advantage in support from women. Bringing this up only add gasoline to that fire. It’s the best shot they’ve got left and so they’re taking it. They’re totally desperate but they think they may have finally found the silver bullet. It could work, if the CPC war room isn’t at the top of its game. They have to counter-attack now and put this to bed within a day or so.

      • Obvious Sock Puppet #12 says:

        All it would take, in this election, for JT’s “built-in advantage in support from women” (which is undeniably real … at the moment) to evaporate like morning mist under the heat of a morning sun, is one big scandal on the Feminist side of things, paralleling the “Blackface” scandal of the last time around.

        Considering all the considerables, by which I mean taking into account how JT is basically tap-dancing in a minefield on this issue, because of his numerous past, um, … misadventures, yeah, … if I were in the LPC war-room, I would be sweating and fretting about this. And I bet they are, too.

        Therefore, Team Trudeau has no choice but to be 100% offence: there is no defence in depth for them this time around. No coming back if they slip up. No second chances. And no Liberal in the PMO or the OLO offices, either. Justin will have done what Harper couldn’t do: destroy the Liberal Party of Canada.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Trudeau is the biggest PM failure in Liberal Party history but even a joke like him isn’t nearly effective enough to destroy his own party. After the loss, Carney comes in as the new untainted saviour and suddenly like in the blink of an eye they are at least competitive or contenders once again. I could be dead wrong but that’s my bet.

  5. Andy Kaut says:

    He might, too.

    But if the majority of Canadians are wrong about what my firearms are capable of, or what they accomplish when left untended, then maybe it’s important that the truth wins out.

    The OIC is what it is – demagoguery plain and simple. If more folks would see that the firearm isn’t the problem so much as the accompanying (often race-based) violent tendencies, we’d be closer to getting the murder rates down in TO and Van. Criminals will always get guns.

    And those 5000 Canadians did nothing wrong. I mean, fuck ’em because they own something we don’t understand, but they did nothing wrong.

    • Obvious Sock Puppet #12 says:

      “… (often race-based) violent tendencies …”????

      My *Dead Kennedys* NPFO “spider senses” are tingling.

  6. A. Voter says:

    5000 Canadians who never went on a mass killing spree, but that won’t be part of the debate. The incel incident in Toronto showed us a common vehicle can be used to kill, it’s about mental illness. That won’t be part of the debate. The Conservatives have done better than I expected, but people aren’t going to put reason before passion. This could hurt. But the gun issue never hurt Harper. Does the team that got O’Toole this far have a second act?

  7. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    IMHO, when HMCS O’Toole sees that floating mine rapidly coming toward her because of the electoral current, she needs to do something to take out that mine. That means either effectively countering this, if that’s possible (I have serious doubts.) OR scrapping the position taken in the party platform. I’m squarely for option two and it has to happen yesterday.

  8. J.Ph. Brunet says:

    Backtracking to the letter of the gun control order-in-council should work, but going by his Sunday presser O’Toole’s problem is an obvious inability to admit mistakes of any kind. He would not simply acknowledge the lack of clarity on the gun issue in his election platform, which would have helped a ton. Instead, like a Boston pol he chose to qualify by sticking to the status quo while promising some future “public discussion,” a shopworn political gimmick. Overall, little effect on polls, but a couple of years in, one too many Centre Block hallway scrums with an overly-scripted, perennially unapologetic wind-up toy PM is going to get plenty old. Yonder his Achilles heel.
    Current prospect: One-termer.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      As you’ve said, their response so far is at best a bonehead play. If it breaks right for the Trudeau Liberals, there goes an O’Toole government. Try again Erin tomorrow and try one hell of a lot HARDER… (Jesus Christ, what a PR disaster so far.)

  9. Mr. O’Toole seems to have addressed this issue by confirming the CPC will maintain the ban on assault rifles. On the bigger question of the election, I still think it is Justin’s to lose.

  10. Gyor says:

    Suggested the violent tendencies are raced based isn’t helping your argument.

    Anyways gun control and abortion are the issues the Liberals think folks are most concerned with when their is a mutating pandemic that could go on for years yet, climate change disasters all over like crazy wild fires, a global economy in shambles, a huge lack of affordable housing (or increasingly affordable anything), an opiod pandemic thanks to folks losing hope, and more. The liberals are pathetic, they play on tribalism during the greatest crisis we’ve ever faced since World War 2. Abortion is still going to be legal under O’Toole if he wins and it’s likely to be a minority, so I don’t expect major shifts on guns either.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      All their previous bullshit got zilch as traction and did not move the numbers one iota. Now, they’ve found a solid footing and are getting traction on the road to in spades. FFS, wake up CPC war room before you bury us in this campaign.

  11. PJH says:

    Another Lib wedge issue dismantled…..Paris it seems, is well worth a Mass…..

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