09.20.2021 06:14 AM

If you read one thing before you go to vote today, read this.



  1. Gilbert says:

    It’s an excellent article.

  2. Peter Williams says:

    My favourite Trudeau virtue signal? Justin talking endlessly about climate change, whilst vacationing in warm places, flying with two jets.

    My second? His talking about vaccines, whilst one dose Trudeau attended the G7 and attended functions with the Queen.

    And I knew Trudeau was going to be a problem when he bought eight boats for his use at Harrington Lake, and charged it to the taxpayers.

    He attempted to buy off the media with $600 million, plus over a billion to the CBC. Next, in Soviet style, Bill C10 will let government appointed regulators squash any media that print negative stories about Trudeau.

  3. EKOS: Liberals +6

    Research: Tie

    Nanos: Liberals +1

    Mainstreet: Liberals +3

  4. According to Joseph de Maistre, every nation gets the government it deserves. The great American social commentator H L Mencken has stated “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard”. I know the vast majority of Canadian snigger and look down their noses at the “deplorables” who voted for Trump. How many of those same Canadians will sanctimoniously strut into their polling station and vote for Justin? Are there really that many differences between those two? One is vulgar, arrogant, authoritarian, hypocritical, cynical and doesn’t care what you think about it. One might argue that the other shares some of those traits, but butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth as he piously gazes into the camera and tells you how much he cares. Too little attention has been paid in this election as to the mediocrity of the personages who head our political parties. I love this country, but I fear the chickens are coming home to roost.

  5. Karl M Littler says:

    It is either sloppy (or more likely, disingenuous) for a teacher at Oxford to lay blame for the results last time on a malapportioned electoral system.

    The four underpopulated PEI seats he mentions, fair enough, as far as their being disproportionate (though tough to do the Constitutional amendment) but if it were instead one seat for PEI, that would not have swung it to the CPC in 2019. And it is an outright falsehood to say that Pierre Trudeau brought this in. The British North America Act was amended with the “Senatorial Clause” in 1915 under Borden’s Conservative government.

    The reason for the split between the popular vote and seat count is, as most know, the inefficient vote in Western Canada, racking up huge CPC majorities in those seats. It could be cured by electoral reform of course: whether proportional or ranked ballots – but I am none to sure that that would bring in a Conservative government anytime soon.

    Mainly though, I am surprised that an “Oxford University teacher” would be so ready to twist the truth on those two points, as they were tangential to his main argument.

  6. I noticed he doesn’t seem to like Gerry, much.

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