09.15.2021 06:53 AM

JWR couldn’t be part of it. You can’t vote for it.


  1. Sean says:

    If you are on the fence, just think of all the lives / careers / dreams that will be left in ruins if Justin’s fake leadership is allowed to continue for the next 18 months. The corruption will be staggering and unmitigated. The pandemic will last longer. Canada will be more divided. If he gets back in, the world will look down on Canadians as a hopeless bunch of knucklehead rubes in love with a fantasy. A country to be ignored and laughed at.

    If you are a Liberal, there is indeed hope and a good future to look forward to on Sept. 21st. But that will future will be stalled for another 18 months… and the Liberal party’s decade of darkness will continue if this pathetic bag of filth and his tiny bunch of desperate cronies are allowed one more undeserved moment in the sun. Like a sick dog. Its really sad, but it’s time to put an end to it already.

    If you are a Liberal, I hope you can contribute to the cause by figuring out which candidate is most likely to defeat the Liberal in your riding and vote for that person. Tell your friends and neighbors the same.

    Maybe next time we can have a team and a leader that people can take seriously and be proud of.

  2. Robert White says:

    Elbowgate foreshadowed & personifies Trudeau’s tenure. His ambition is not shared via our population or even Liberal-left colleagues.

    The ‘fake news’ era gave us fake Feminist sock puppet Trudeau.

    He is politically offensive to everyone. This is a PM without real support.


  3. Phil in London says:

    The saddest thing about JWR is she could not find a new political home. Canada needs a ton more JWR and if she is waiting for the libs to turf the current jackass, she will be sorely disappointed with the next jackass. UNLESS she can convince the other jackasses she can run, win and change the liberal party.

    • Phil,

      I don’t know. Now that Corruption and Scandals have sidelined TheAmbitiousTowerThatWasFreelandTM JWR would only have to deal with Carney, the favourite contender for the leadership. Were I one of her strategists, I would take that bet and take him on in the leadership race. A JWR party renewal will impress Canadians far more than a so-called Carney renewal.

      • Sean says:

        One of the first duties of the next Liberal Leader will be to apologize for many aspects of the Justin mess. Its the only way the party will be able to move on and be taken seriously in the future. This will include a public apology to JWR and others. It would also involve supporting full public disclosures / criminal investigations of the SNC Lavalin affair / WE scandals. Anything less is beneath the dignity of the party. This is why the next leader can’t be drawn from the current cabinet.

        • Phil in London says:

          It’s respect to what is right, please see the exit of JWR. I find it fascinating that people look at the Conservative party of Erin O’Toole and see nothing but as he put it “their dad’s Conservative party” and yet liberal supporters have as much faith in their divine right to govern as Paul Martin, Michael Ignatieff, Stefane Dion and now the clown prince.

          If you consider that the Conservative party DID rebuild it DID have a civil war and it continues to shed it’s fringe to move to the middle – they handed the liberals a good chunk of the Chrétien mandates and yet after Paul Martin led civil war, the liberal house just needed a splash of red paint after Michael Ignatieff they just needed a splash of red paint and after Dion they just needed a splash of red paint.

          I am pretty damn sure after this kid there will be many who feel they just need a splash of red paint and people will love them. The next leader will not apologize he/she will acknowledge that some of us silly voters had a different understanding and welcome us back.

          As long as the liberal party continues to move away from the middle to the left they will never ever, never fucking ever change how they do business, I am not saying everyone who has immigrated to this nation over 40 years is a left wing voter. I am saying they play to left leaning causes and as Jagmeet Singh says they say the right things but they never do anything.

          After the first Chrétien government’s election an old man I knew at the time reflected on this being a “God-damned, do nothing liberal government” I think he may be wrong about them in some ways but they really did not achieve a lot of domestic policy peace, they had the sponsorship scandal, they backtracked on the GST “promise/suggestion” and in the end there was no brilliant lifestyle changes that were not already going to happen anyway. We now have an election about ethics, timing/expense, and questions about what the issues are. That is not a ton different than Chrétien 3. Especially on the librano’s scandal front.

          This party needs to be rebuilt and they never will do that if the worst they can do is official opposition. They were in bad, I mean fuck this is bad shape after Dion, in fact Dion was the start of let’s rebuild but it didn’t take long after his loss to look around and determine all they needed was a fresh coat of red paint.

          Mark Carney or Freeland won’t condemn the current leader, they will embrace his lead on files like environment and conveniently forget his ethics.

          That is not to say the liberals own unethical behaviour but they do own the right to govern it would seem. Nothing changes in this party till enough people walk away long enough so that they stop looking for painters and hire a general contractor.

          They need to tear things back to the studs and see how the original foundation was laid by dudes like Laurier. See what needs to be fixed behind the walls, and put up new drywall BEFORE they get out the red paint brush.

          It would not hurt in the redesign if they thought about how the structure needs to support the current provincial federal system and not jus dictate policy to provinces about things they are supposed to be responsible for.

          If they don’t do that they will remain competitive and win an election or two but they will not improve the country by doing so.

          • Vancouverois says:

            The thing is, the Conservative party seems to be headed for another civil war. You can see the signs of it already. The Maverick Party forming in Alberta, O’Toole’s craven pandering to Legault; it’s practically a replay of Mulroney’s second mandate, and everything that followed.

            Mulroney’s speech last night could be interpreted as an indication that they’re going down the “distinct society” road again (as all of them are, unfortunately, with their unquestioning support for the insane Bill 96). That’s what “tough and deep structural changes” suggests to me, though I certainly hope I’m wrong.

            I do think that’s where we may be headed, though. Again.

            This time, however, I’m not sure the country can survive it.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            Neither Quebec nor Alberta are comfortable nor accept the current model of the federation and the rest of the country is not in a mood to accommodate either of us — no news there. So, it’s no longer a matter of if but merely a question of when WHEN both of us walk. The rest of the country can live with that. After all, they so richly deserve it. They’ve earned it in spades since 1982.

          • Vancouverois says:

            Most people here in Quebec aren’t interested in this nonsense; that’s why they voted CAQ in the first place. They wanted to forget about the constitutional wrangling that has no relation to their actual lives, and to get on with addressing *real* problems. They believed Legault’s lie that he had put separation behind him. The only reason any of this is happening is because he’s been pushing it; and the greedy, half-witted sociopaths who currently lead our main parties have let him.

            If he succeeds in his plot to separate, Quebec will be very much the poorer for it. Both financially, since the province won’t be able to afford as much without the rest of the country financing it and his tax base slowly getting reduced to only the de souche; and culturally, since his ugly ethnic nationalism will drive out all the best and brightest of all ethnic backgrounds. Quebec already needs more workers, and there’s little chance they’ll be able to attract and keep many once they pass Bill 96 on top of Bill 21.

            The dissolution will be much messier and complicated than most people realize; but once it starts, I don’t think it can be stopped. Assuming it hasn’t started already; all the so-called “federalist’ leaders’ craven pandering to Legault and failure to oppose Bill 96 may already have done it.

            The problem is that nobody is going to care enough to stop it. Nous sommes tous tannés. O’Toole, Singh, and Trudeau himself have completely betrayed the country by pretending that Bill 96 is reasonable and constitutional, all in a monstrously stupid attempt to get separatist votes,

            That may indeed get them some in the short term; but in the long term, they’ve almost guaranteed they’ll lose everything. .They’ve let the anglophone, allophone, and francophone federalist communities that they’re of no account. They’ve greatly disheartened their own supporters while encouraging their most intractable opponents.

            It’s breathtaking political stupidity; but here we are. If they don’t smarten up soon and fight Bill 96 – which their own stupidity has already made substantially harder to do – whichever party wins the federal election may end up presiding over the breakup of Canada. Unless things change from their current course, it may be inevitable.

          • Pedant says:

            Ronald – after Quebec gives Trudeau his majority (Liberals are now surging in QC), its 50-year record of damage to Canada will have reached its climax.

          • Vancouverois,

            Your grasp of Quebec issues remains as it has always been, way beyond excellent. I don’t support parts of Bill 96, more particularly, the provisions that require that court pleadings before Quebec courts be prepared in French, or with a French translation. Anyone with a brain already knows that that requirement is blatantly unconstitutional (CA 1982). As to much of the rest, it strikes me, at the very least, as excessive and heavy-handed but it’s not surprising given how ethnocentric and insular most of this province is. But are those parts constitutional? You bet they are as they clearly fall under provincial jurisdiction. When it finally gets before the courts, at least parts of Bill 96 will be ruled unconstitutional. And then the sovereignist games will begun under Legault’s enthusiastic tutelage…

          • Pedant,

            You’re definitely on target with that one.

    • Walter says:

      The saddest thing about JWR is that some have strong devotion to the Party they don’t look to find another home.
      It think it’s about history. There has only been 1 Liberal party, so Liberal supporters have never had to think before they vote.
      For the other side, there has been the Liberal-Conservative Party, Conservative Party, Progressive Party, Progressive Conservative Party, Reform Party, Canadian Alliance Party and Conservative Party of Canada. Conservative have always had the requirement to think before they vote. They also did not develop and admiration of the party, which allowed them to throw out a bad government – even if their own – and vote based on facts and logic for a more appropriate Party.
      This Trudeau tenure should by all account destroy the Liberal brand for generations to come, and likely force the name to be abandoned forever – but for a good part of the electorate that has been conditioned to not think, I doubt it will happen.

  4. Dave says:

    https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/federal-election-2021/trudeau-defends-large-election-rally-says-it-followed-covid-19-health-guidelines/ar-AAOtntH?ocid=iehp&li=AAggNb9 “Both Chrétien and Trudeau delivered separate speeches on a stage in the middle of a Brampton convention centre ballroom, surrounded on all sides by an enthusiastic crowd that cheered as they criticized the other party leaders and promoted the Liberal platform on vaccines, the environment and child care.

    In his speech, Chrétien defended Trudeau’s decision to send Canadians to the voting booths, saying that election calls are “a tradition” for minority governments after two years.

    He delivered spirited criticism of O’Toole and Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet, and said Canadians need a centrist government to face issues such as climate change and the challenges posed by China.

    “It’s not the time to move to the far right or the far left, it’s the time to be in the middle,” he said.

    When asked later if he had felt comfortable in the middle of a large crowd, Chrétien admitted he hadn’t known about the format ahead of time.

    “I had no podium and so no, it wasn’t the surrounding I’m used to,” said Chrétien, who added that he’d been vaccinated.”

  5. Phil in London says:

    Robert I quite disagree, this is a prime minister that does not DESERVE real support but he does have said real support.

    There are a lot of liberals fed from the tit of big government over 50 years that cannot at all understand there to be even a possibility of bad within liberaland. I think some of them would vote for a liberal party run by Satan even if the conservatives were running Jesus Christ for prime minister.

    No, not all liberals are infected. A lot of us have been vaccinated and are now immune- We believe in many things that liberalism stands for, we just don’s support this ass and we fear how he has infected the host party. This brand recognition fostered by King, St Laurier, Trudeau (not trudeau) and Chretien has mutated from a good culture into the trudeau variant.

    Vaccination can come from voting conservative or NDP. It makes you less resistant to the trudeau variant of liberalism. Unlike Covid-19 If we were all vaccinated the disease of trudeau would disappear in an instant.

    The ones that do vote liberal simply because that is what you do are just as frightening to me as any who vote conservative or green or NDP for that reason alone.

    I fear there are a lot more liberal leaning voters who are indoctrinated in their cult than capable of their own thought, much like there are a lot of PPC indoctrinates.

    Ignatieff, Dionne, Martin all were examples of weak leaders who were able to count on this same brand. The results would be substantially less for each leader without the brand.

    With better vaccination agianst trudeau variant- We may be living in a land like the mother country where labour and conservatives are the two main parties.

    trudeau (this guy) was brought in to save the brand using bad science the liberal science was firmly of the belief that people only needed a shiny penny to come back and many did. What a lot of liberals by DNA don’t like is that he came along at the expense of ideals.

    • Robert White says:

      If the institutional Liberals even read a scintilla of Trudeau’s bad press they will abandon him en masse. If they choose not to read opposition punditry they are simply narrow minded and likely don’t read anything that reminds them of their own biases.

      Trudeau is an empty shallow politician that learned nothing from his own father when it comes to maintaining integrity. Pierre Trudeau was respected. Justin Trudeau is merely tolerated at this point IMHO.

      I do agree with your perspective, but his base are all automatons that don’t read if they actually stick with his leadership just for the money and a job.

      I don’t have a family to support so I can afford to be choosy.


      • Vancouverois says:

        “Zap! You’re frozen!”

        I don’t think the real Trudeau was particularly known for integrity – at least not when it came to keeping campaign promises.

  6. Joe Calgary says:

    Hi Warren,

    Quick question, given your experience in the Chretien days, I’m not sure you’d be able to answer this, but what role do the undecided play in this election? Do you think the muddled middle are being properly accounted for in polling? Does it even matter?



  7. Gilbert says:

    JWR is a person of real integrity. We need more politicians like her.

  8. Ipsos: TIE

    Léger: TIE


    Mainstreet: TIE

    Nanos: Conservatives +1

    Abacus: Liberals +2

  9. Peter Williams says:

    Re JWR … Gerry (Butts) said that he had ‘never experienced something like this before in all my years … unprecedented.’ National Post Sept. 14.

    What? Never experienced a Liberal with integrity?

  10. Derek Pearce says:

    As I’ve said,.I’m voting for Jagmeet, but today’s huge reversal from Kenny (idiot, thank god he finally did) can only help the Libs. I wonder if he’s more mad about eating Covid crow, or more mad about inadvertently helping Justin with his own wilfully blind Covid shenanigans?

    • Vancouverois says:

      I’ve heard that he had actually promised not to do the reversal until Tuesday, and that many Conservatives are very, very annoyed that he did it earlier than scheduled.

      If true, I’m somewhat cheered that he decide to put doing the right thing as soon as possible ahead of partisan considerations, and sad that we’ve gotten to the point where a politician doing the right thing in a case of life or death is actually a surprise.

      Jen Gerson has an interesting article on how his career is toast, by the way:


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