09.21.2021 07:18 AM

Pre-vote TV hit


  1. Steve T says:

    The fact the Liberals even were able to retain their minority status is continuing evidence that Canadian voters have the attention span of a gnat.

    Sure, they were theoretically annoyed that an unnecessary election had been called. And they vaguely recalled all the numerous ethical, financial, and other lapses of the Trudeau cabal. But golly – that is so five-minutes-ago, eh?

    The Libs trotted out their standard demonization / empty promise tactics, and Canadians fell for them hook line and sinker. We get the government we deserve.

  2. Peter Williams says:

    What legislation did Trudeau want to pass that the MDP or Bloc wouldn’t approve?

    Besides massive government spending with money he doesn’t have, what else does he have up his sleeve (or is it in his socks?)

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