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  1. Sean says:

    No one in Canada is doing more for Justin’s campaign than the anti vax protesters. If he is re-elected, PPC protesters shoulder most of the blame.

    Also, I’m very suspicious that the tour is deliberately providing a venue / opportunity for this foolishness. They know damn well its the only thing working for them. I have no faith at all that they are concerned for people’s safety. Warren asked why the staff is making decisions on this. That’s why.

    • Phil in London says:

      On the weekend Max Bernier was egged by a protester who was posing for a selfie. Interesting how little this was covered. While a lot of people with tongue in cheek are probably saying it is too bad the protester was not carrying a brick to crash over Max’s head it does beg the question how did it happen as well?

      What if the gravel stones her in my town were bullets? Wouldn’t we be having a different conversation today.

      The PPC is clearly the perpetrator at the latest liberal rally incident here in London and the press seems to be even acknowledging it so I am glad of that.

      Hopefully this is all just off side political shenanigans but I do wonder how the security detail let’s several incidents happen.

  2. Pedant says:

    Seems clear that Justin WANTS violence to occur near him in order to exploit it for sympathy.

  3. Doug says:

    Easy answer…Liberal campaigns have long focused on playing up division. The easiest way to do so is importing US Culture Wars. Trudeau is about almost nothing beyond visuals, so images of him in front of anti-vaxx protestors are too good to pass up.

    • Sean says:

      All campaigns focus on playing up division.

      Can you imagine a candidate saying “Thanks for coming to my rally! I can’t wait to tell you all how much I want to work with the other guys who also have some great ideas!”

  4. This isn’t the United States where The Secret Service calls the tune and if necessary, will haul out the chief executive’s ass, even by force, if necessary. In this country, without a direct threat, or the perception of same, the security detail tends to have less latitude and takes its cue from its political masters. Clennett is a perfect example where the PM had to do his own security work at the drop of a hat. Hopefully, someone got fired after that one.

  5. Robert White says:

    RCMP & CSIS would have warned the Liberal Party staff of any & all impending possible/probable threats to safety of PM & crew.

    This is the Liberal Party War Room at work creating a photo opportunity that can be played in loops via the news cycle in order to cement opposition to right-of-center punditry of CPC & PPC and in turn collect more votes via vote split.


    • Robert,

      A wise maxim comes to mind: follow the money.

      • Robert White says:

        Cui bono is where the buck stops, I agree. That’s what I miss about chatting with my CA father since he died. And that’s also why Chartered Accountants are actually good people to learn from when it comes to that almighty dollar thingy.

        People are under the mistaken impression that the Liberal War Room is somehow to be viewed as benevolent when in fact all of us here know they are manipulative & calculated.

        I saw O’Toole’s Chief-of-staff for the CPC War Room on tv last night. He looks to be under 25 years old.


    • Sean says:

      BINGO! And now he’s playing it up as if its connected to the Capitol Hill Riot…. like those crazy American radical ideas are coming up here and Justin’s the only person who can stop that by standing up for Canada! The PPC are playing right into LPC’s hands. He’s desperate enough to try that shit and they are too stupid not to fall for it. What a GD joke this election is.

      • Robert White says:

        I agree, but this is a FUN election IMHO. The dynamics are excellent for stirring the political pot which is a plus for the majority of Canadians, frankly.

        People are not skeptical enough these days and we have no real reason to trust any of the politicians in the main parties as they are all compromised via the corporate sector behemoth tech sector monopolies.


  6. Steve T says:

    As many others have said – this is Trudeau’s wet dream. Being the victim is like the calling card of the left, and the Liberals know how much these situations benefit them. I’m sure Trudeau can barely contain his glee when the gravel starts flying.

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