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  1. Steve T says:

    Exactly. The best response, IMO, would be something simple like: “Those protesters do not represent the Conservative Party, so we have no further comment about them. Next question.”

  2. Phil in London says:

    Agree, it’s not something to put much if even any time in defending.

    My take is Trudeau squaring off with the protesters is another sign that he’s fighting yet another opponent that isn’t in the contest. Anti-vaxxers, anti -lockdowners and the vulgar are in this case associated with the other cult party run by mad max.

    baby trudeau is running against and has run against premiers Kenney and Ford, former prime minister Harper and republicanism from the U.S.A. As the prime minister of Upper and lower Canada and the maritime colonies I think right now he’d call John Manley and Paul Martin alt-right. Meanwhile he ignores when de doesn’t fertilize the separatist and socialist fields.

    As he continues to dramatize his role as saviour I think a ton of people are looking to reasons to vote for others, not looking for excuses to prop up the corrupt corpse that is the liberal party.

  3. Glen says:

    As I watch the desperation in the LPC ranks increasing daily, I am beginning to think that from their perspective – Trudeau absolutely CAN’T lose this election, there is simply too much at stake (for them) here

    Let me explain. I think the issues that are threatening to surface are far, far worse than mere ethics breaches & run of the mill corruption. I think they rolled the dice to get a majority because with a majority they could bury these issues, and that’s the biggest reason. They had no problems passing legislation as a minority government.

    I have a sneaking hunch that they are very desperate to keep a lot of things from ever seeing the light of day, and many of said things could be criminal in nature.

    Look at Trudeau’s stubbornly standing by Raj Saini when clearly the popular thing to do would be turf him unceremoniously out the door. Why is he doing this? He knows now that every single seat he can get is vital for his political survival.

    Every seat lost could mean the end of his political career.

    Or worse.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    More than once I found it annoying, irritating and a test of my patience to stick it out all the way to the end. But I did. Trudeau won the best liar award but got in a few jabs. Blanchet was competent but predictably parochial. Singh was all passion controlled by reason while O’Toole was in attack mode and not easily rattled in his second language. Jagmeet’s and Erin’s French was impressive. In short, a draw but with the smell of change coming to Ottawa in the air. That can please no one more than O’Toole. Erin came off as Option A which is a huge plus for the CPC.

  5. Gilbert says:

    Did anyone see the squirrel running behind JT? You’re in trouble when people are more interested in the squirrel than in you.

  6. david ray says:

    I am banned from this web site for engaging in libel.

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