, 10.03.2021 07:27 PM

KINSELLACAST 179: Surf and Destroy with Mills, Mraz and Belanger


  1. Peter Williams says:

    So Trudeau issued one of his patented apologies.

    How many has he issued?

    Normally forgiveness is given when a perpetrator expresses sorrow and then doesn’t repeat the transgression, or doesn’t repeatedly commit new ones.

  2. Sean says:

    00.18.10 Bang… on… Wouldn’t change one word.

    00.21.22 OK, but for the thousandth time…. The Liberal cabinet / caucus just sits there and pretends this is all normal. They don’t do their duty and tell the guy to STFU and go TF home already. It is within their prerogative as MPs to remove him and they refuse to do so.

    00.22.00 – 00.23.10 Bingo! Conservatives listen up!

    00.39.15: Of course that just happens… but only in Justin’s PMO. They don’t care anymore. They mentally gave up several years ago. They know his hair doo is the only reason they have jobs.

    00.43.00: Exactly.

    People would be surprised if a normal political leader or any adult behaved like this. The reason no one is surprised is because it is Justin specifically.

    The big question for Liberal MPs / Cabinet Ministers… What are you going to do when the next Tofino happens? The next Kokanee grope? The next Lavscam? The next WEscam? The next Blackface x3? The next JWR? The next Admiral Norman? We all know the next one is coming. Its inevitable. Probably only a few weeks away. Are you going to take your job seriously as Mraz suggests? Or are you going to continue damaging Canada by enabling Canada’s worst Prime Minister? Every… single… day…. is another blemish on your career.

  3. Peter Williams says:

    Re: surfer’s paradise: will the owner of the $18 million beach house rented out to Trudeau, get big (i.e.$50 millio) donation to their charity?

    • Peter,

      You mean the PMO didn’t book one of Meng’s two mansions? Would have been a perfectly natural extension. They must be slipping even more, post-this- electoral-triumph.

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