, 10.31.2021 06:57 PM

KINSELLACAST 183: Belanger, Mills, Pierson on politics and justice – plus Wet Leg and Von Etten


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    Peter Williams says:

    Trudeau’s foreign policy consists of showing off his socks


    and telling the world not to do what he does.

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    Rob Porter says:

    Warren is providing me weekly chuckles through bluntly expressed columns uncommon in now pansy, p.c., Canada. After graduating at UBC I returned to South Africa and for ten years, 1977 to 1987, in similar manner bluntly had my say over apartheid and other injustices. With the government authoritarian in instinct it took newspapers vastly more brave than those in Canada to facilitate my criticisms. So, imagine my pleasure upon seeing Warren exposing so delightfully Canada’s top-rate fraud, barefaced liar, virtue-signalling hypocrite, Justin Trudeau. Keep it up Warren, ‘PM’s ‘Big Lie’ to children’ is another beaut., exactly what Canadians need.

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