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My latest: The Hypocrites


Calling somebody a hypocrite isn’t anything new. In politics, just about anywhere, hypocrisy is the coin of the realm. Everyone in public life seems to practice it.

But the regime of Justin Trudeau is a special case, isn’t it? They have taken hypocrisy to an entirely new level.

They have reached hypocritical heights that have heretofore never been reached. They are in the actual pantheon of hypocrites, for eternity.

I don’t mean to pick on her, even though God knows she deserves it. But Justin Trudeau’s minister of health, Patty Hajdu, is the most recent and most notorious example of a Trudeau cabinet minister who is unashamedly, undeniably hypocritical. It is almost like she relishes it. That it is part of her job description.

Some time ago, she lectured Canadians about wearing masks during the pandemic. Shortly thereafter, she was photographed laughing in a private airport lounge. Maskless.

She extolled the virtues of social distancing, and insisted that Canadians do likewise. She was then seen in the aforementioned private airport lounge, giggling close-up with other well-to-do executive types.

Most recently, following an unwanted and unnecessary election — in which her boss travelled nonstop for more than a month — she demanded that Canadians not travel themselves. With a straight face. She did that.

Do one thing, say another. Talk the talk, but never walk the talk. Preach something, practice something else.

That is what Patty Hajdu does, during the biggest public health crisis Canada has faced in a century. At precisely the moment when it was critical that Canadians receive clear, factual and persuasive health information from their federal minister of health, we were given a former graphic designer who is both incoherent and incompetent.

We were given Patty Hajdu who — over and over and over – says one thing and does another. Who is a hypocrite of the highest order.

But can we really blame her? Can we really get angry with Patty Hajdu, when we consider who her boss is?

Justin Trudeau, who repeatedly proclaimed that he was a feminist, and who covered up the fact that he had been accused of groping a female reporter?

Justin Trudeau, who, when he became Liberal leader in 2013, solemnly pledged to lead an ethical government — and then would go on to become the first sitting prime minister to be found guilty of violating federal ethics laws not once, but twice?

Justin Trudeau, who called for reconciliation with Indigenous people — and then defamed and exiled a proud Indigenous leader, Jody Wilson-Raybould, who refused to obstruct justice for a donor to Trudeau’s party?

Who promised to end boil water advisories for Indigenous people — and has done nothing of the sort? Who promised to clean up environmental disasters in Indigenous communities — and who then mocked a woman who drew attention to mercury poisoning at the Grassy Narrows reserve?

Who said he favoured Reconciliation and Truth for Indigenous People — and then bald-faced lied about where he was on the very day dedicated to reconciliation and truth?

So, in a sad and pathetic way, it’s kind of hard to get mad at Patty Hajdu. She is simply following the example that has been set, over and over, by her boss. By Justin Trudeau.

Like you, I despise hypocrites. But unlike you, perhaps, I’ve spent a lot of time working in politics. So I’ve learned to accept that politics often attracts people who are rank hypocrites.

But I swear to God: Justin Trudeau and Patty Hajdu and their ilk are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I’ve ever seen. Ever.

And by voting for them, in 2019 and 2021, too many Canadians are saying that they are OK with hypocrisy.

And that is the worst, and most hypocritical, thing of all.

— Warren Kinsella was Jean Chretien’s Special Assistant


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    By re-electing this joke and poor excuse for a government, those voters have become entirely complicit hypocrites and each of them bloody well knows it. Proud of yourselves? Not.

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      Sean says:

      I’m not a fan of dictatorships…. BUT… if anyone wonders why they exist…. Justin’s re-elections are very practical / teachable moments of why many people hate democracy.

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      JH says:

      I have never doubted the capacity of Canadian voters to be as shallow as the people they elect. And I don’t just mean the frothing at the mouth Bimbos and Himbos of the Trudashian cult, I mean voters in general. They proved it when they elect that dilettante that was his father and now reinforce that belief by supporting the son and the spineless weasels that surround him.

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    Sean says:

    The KGB didn’t like Chrystia Freeland… not because they saw her as a real threat… they didn’t like her because she was full of shit. The KGB was right. She is full of shit.

    Not one member of this cabinet should ever be allowed to use their cabinet service as a positive after the Justin mess has concluded. All of them will carry nothing but life long shame / disgrace as their political currency.

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      Andy Kaut says:

      Applicant: I served as an MP-

      Interviewer: Ooooooh?

      Applicant: Under Justin Trudeau.

      Interviewer: Oooooooo.

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        Warren says:

        Exactly. I have written in my mind the speech I will give to Trudeau-era LPC staff:

        “By sticking around – For a pay cheque? For status? – you didn’t merely excuse his blackface racism, his groping sexual assault, his total lack of ethics and decency. By sticking around, you became part of that.

        The darkness in him crept into you. It became part of you.

        What were you thinking? Were you thinking at all?”

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          Andy Kaut says:

          Who knows. Maybe in the future, the Canadians that reelected him, twice, will have seen the error of their ways. They will see that wherein they had lots of reason to dislike and accuse and fire him prior to the election, that time in 2022 he walked up to someone on the Danforth and shot him in the face, then shot his puppy …..that was the time they just couldn’t abide this man any more.

          Your questions above are to be asked of every voter that held their nose (or cut it off to spite the Cons / NDP) and voted for someone that had a clear record of mistruthing and gaslighting and bullying and jet-setting.

          Because they’ve voted him back in because of the CRB, because he’s still more glamorous than an man in a funny hat. If we are to hold his staffers accountable for their choices, and I think we should, I hate to say that so also we must hold accountable 30% of 60% of the eligible voters that insist on putting him back in.

          That puppy’s blood is on their hands, too.

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    Eastern Rebellion says:

    As I have stated before (and not with smug satisfaction or any kind of sanctimony), this country is afflicted with mediocrities at most political levels. Who amongst the current group of leaders at the Federal level puts the needs of the country first? I’m sure to most members of the public they appear as nothing more than grifters. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer. I wish I did.

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    James McGowan says:

    Why doesn’t the opposition in a minority government have a majority of seats in cabinet.
    A engineering firm supplies drawings and specs for bid. The firm that gets the contract does work as per . The inspection is a fail cause the foundation is not to spec for a vaccine facility. The engineering firm is now taking the contractor to court. NRC employee is whom heard from.

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    Ted Hamill says:

    Yeah, so what! Jason Kenney was on that terrace dining with his crew during a pandemic wave, close and maskless. I will vote for a Liberal hypocrite over a Conservative hypocrite any time because voting for a Conservative (by definition a hypocrite) also brings along deregulation, cutting of services to those who most need it, tax breaks to those who least need them and all the rest of obsolete Conservative ideology. Whatever you might say of them, Trudeau and Hajdu provided a lot more support for people affected economically by the pandemic than the Conservatives ever would have. All Canadians should be grateful that Conservatives were not in power during this pandemic.

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      dawn mills says:

      You forgot to add Conservatives make in rain on Halloween, be snowless on Christmas Day, and the Leafs to be perpetual losers.

      They indeed have much to answer for, especially for the Leafs.

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      Sean says:

      That’s ridiculous Ted. Canada has never… and will never…. produce a Conservative Party Leader who would justify Justin Trudeau.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      As a Conservative, I’m funny that way: I expect the government largesse to make sense, you know, only sent to those who’ve lost their job, their wage, their home and even their car. But this lot of dummies hand out money across the board with not a hint of means testing. Yeah, you’re sure right, the Liberal way. Too bad the indirect bribes didn’t pay off for Himself TM as expected…there went that majority. Too bad that.

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      Pedant says:

      Ted, are you a member of the 40% of working-age Canadians who are net takers (they pay less in tax than they collect in handouts) from the system? I’m assuming yes?

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    Gilbert says:

    What do the Conservatives need to do to win? Do they have to choose a leader who likes like a model? Do they have to bribe the media? Do they have to tell voters that they’ll cut taxes and increase services?

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    Derek Pearce says:

    Ted above makes a good point: cynicism is everywhere, from the people high up on the political side of the government to the average voter. Trudeau, live him or hate him, and I hate him, has mostly given people what they want from government in their everyday lives even as his personality disgusts them.

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      Pedant says:

      He gave NON-TAXPAYERS what they want.

      What happens when all the productive people leave Canada (brain drain incoming) and all that’s left are the layabouts who don’t want to work? Money-printing to infinity?

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        Derek Pearce says:

        Oh fuck off. Non-taxpayers my ass. But thanks for showing that this is why Conservatives lose elections.

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          Pedant says:

          Well of course they’ll lose (but not the popular vote!) when Trudeau drives productive people (Conservative voters) out of the country and all that is left are the layabouts. Now, back to my question, who will pay for this largesse demanded by the non-taxpayers when all the taxpayers leave or figure out ways to shelter their hard-earned money?

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            Warren says:

            Layabouts. Wow.

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            Ronald O'Dowd says:


            It seems that one has to make a distinction between those on welfare, those who are disabled and can’t work and those who earn so little in their full-time jobs that they are often categorized as the working poor.

            That’s why I don’t paint with a brush as broadly as you do. But I do agree that 40% of Canadians pay little to no taxes, while the middle-class far and away pay most of the taxes.

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            Robert White says:

            Pedant, I’m currently in the process of appeal for ODSP due to no employment opportunity whatsoever over the last twenty five years. I eventually gave up the effort to find employment when my teeth fell out due to gum disease and half a century of smoking cigarettes due to over stress in life.

            I graduated college as a Mechanical Engineering Technician when Brian Mulroney instituted NAFTA resulting in offshored manufacturing for Canadians skilled in Mechanical Engineering, Tool & Die making, et cetera.

            After realizing that I was never going to find gainful employment in manufacturing, or the National Research Council I, for one, decided to get a Social Science degree at Carleton University in Experimental Psychology so that I could become a Cross-Cultural Clinical Psychologist.

            Clinical Psychology was $200k for graduate school.

            I’m not a layabout. I restore old superheterodyne radios form the Art Deco era of the 30s & 40s. And I’m pretty much a professional student via online Internet surfing YoY.


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    Robert White says:

    My Chartered Accountant father ordered me at the age of 14 to never break the laws of the land and to maintain my integrity throughout my life span. This was not an ask of my father, but more accurately an order not to be broken, ever.

    Integrity necessitated leaving the federal Liberal hypocracy for the New Democratic Party hypocracy instead. Plus the fact that I am a WAR Room follower had a little to do with my departure, I must admit.

    I cannot stand hypocrites either and that’s why I read opposition research, and the researchers that write it.



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