10.05.2021 04:39 PM

Our latest Sun hit: me versus Lilley – on Trudeau stay or go?


  1. Peter Williams says:

    “Travelling on September 30th was a mistake and I regret it.”


    He regrets it. But doesn’t regret lying about it.

    Has Trudeau really learned anything?

    No doubt the first order of business for his new government will be passing C10 to prevent the reporting of Trudeau’s mistakes.

  2. jsa says:

    Justin’s been looking like he’s been ready to quit for years, but I don’t believe that Sophie would ever approve of it. I doubt that Maggie would either…

  3. Derek Pearce says:

    Lol “Michael Ignatieff with a calculator” is bang on.

  4. Derek Pearce says:

    You’d never have described say, Don Boudria as a “cultist”. Just sayin’. Justis IS awful and must go. I look forward to a new leader.

  5. Phil in London says:

    I for one am saying he is staying and for different reasons, liberals NEED him.

    Seriously, you can despise Paul Martin but can you truly say he was not a worthy successor to Jean Chrétien?

    You can scoff at Michael Ignatieff being an opportunist who didn’t come back for me but can you truly question his intelligence and his potential respect at world leader events?

    Dion was no politician but he had conviction and lost because of bad policy and a weakness when using the other official language you know – the one that is spoken fluently and at least well understood by virtually 90% of The Rest of Canadians.

    Bob Rae, yes he made a complete clusterfuck out of Ontario but that was before his Federal liberal days.

    My point is each of these guys could have been formidable opposition to a Harper Conservative Campaign and all but one failed, Bob Rae was the luckiest loser there could have been not beating Ignatieff nor Dion for the liberal crown.

    The caucus of these other liberal opposition leaders was far superior to the lame-assed bunch of yes men and use me women that this leader has in place. If your bring in another leader be it Freeland or Carney, they have the same hapless stooges clapping like trained seals every time they fart well.

    If I am a liberal organizer, how do I bring back the JWR and Philpott’s of the previous class?

    When Trudeau took power of the party, he was mocked at, less capable than any of his predecessors, at least two elections away from glory and was less qualified and more easily jeered then the Mike Harris attack on Dalton McGuinty being just not ready.

    Liberals were headed to third party status till everyone took trudeau for granted (NDP, Bloc and Conservatives)

    Exactly which of his character flaws has deteriorated over this time? He was a spoiled rich entitled child when he first appeared, he showed many a lack in judgement before an elected official. HIs one great skill was demonizing conservatives and if anything he is better at that today. The so – called Laurentian elite have one sentiment about emotion – how do we use it to our advantage?

    The liberals get something that the conservatives can never fathom, a leader is the party’s face and if this clown minister can tap into the emotions of every left leaning voter with fear of a conservative government, Bloc, NDP will both sail into Port Liberal.

    They don’t need them all, just a few and they don’t need a popular vote to win power. This is a virtual majority government.

    If Carney becomes the next Paul Martin Jr. or even the next Mike Pearson, he is a dud.

    If Freeland shows the political skills of Michael Ignatieff or falls prey to adhering to the trudeau advisors in her first election she may be pummelled.

    The best shot the liberals have at another majority is the man-boy that is currently the leader, they are smart enough to know the Conservatives will knife O’Toole and Singh will stay till another visible minority with no sell in Quebec is found. Even if it is a leadership reply of 2021 I’d take my chances that the rump parties will all do their part to assist the liberals to remain the one’s in charge.

    Trudeau is a known commodity and they know they can shine him up and sell him to the sheep. Cult leaders DO NOT retire or slip away the die in office or in prison. (This cult is not the party but the population)

    I don’t see either happening to this fraud any time soon.

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