11.16.2021 11:35 AM

Bernier v. Kinsella: our win has been reported in the law books!

Right here!


  1. Robert White says:

    I love how you keep getting these double wins whereby you win in court and then the case makes the history books too.

    Now you will will continue to be cited it the literature for all time. This makes you a historian of Canadian Legal Studies IMHO.

    Way cool stuff, Warren.

    You should be happy now IMHO.

    Cheers & thank you for defending freedom of speech in CANUCKISTAN.


  2. Lynn says:

    I love a reported case and a citations, and note ups and all that stuff. It warms an old law librarian’s heart. I will mark it in Canlii and watch for developments.
    Good for you, sir.

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