11.03.2021 10:39 AM

Our latest Sun Media hit: the Nowhere Man


  1. Joseph says:

    Wouldn’t “fool on the hill” be more appropriate?

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    No comment. Got to try and be nice. But this pictute really is so tempting. LOL.

  3. Peter Williams says:

    Watching the farcical discussions between Trudeau and Singh, I am reminded of Lucy and Charlie Brown.

    Lucy says this time she’ll really let Charlie kick the football.

    Trudeau is now telling Singh that he’ll get some of his desired legislation. Singh will tell everyone what a great job he’s doing. Three years from now Singh will be flat on his back with no legislation. Another victim of Trudeau’s broken promises.

    You’d think Singh would know by now!

    And even more farcical; the Charlie Angus statement that the NDP will still hold the Trudeau government to account! Yeah, right. Just look at how many times the NDP sided with Trudeau in shutting down committee investigations.

    Does NDP stand for Naturally Dumb Politicians?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      I happen to love the lustre and beauty of gold bars. So, let’s take a thousand ounce bar and call it POWER. It quite naturally does everything possible to seduce the NDP but instead, those hopelessly naive MPs keep handing it back to the Liberals. As of now, Jagmeet should be called NoCabinetSeatsSinghTM. The NDP, about to be once more royally played by HimselfTM and his grinning opportunists. Funny, after every single time that NDP got “game-changing” results for people, those same people turned right around and put the Liberals back in power. Einstein’s theory of insanity at work…beyond belief.

      • Peter Williams says:


        I must not have been paying attention. When has Jagmeet Singh gotten Trudeau to do anything Singh wanted. True he got promises from Trudeau, but nothing to actually show for it.

        Meanwhile Trudeau got several years of governing, plus numerous committee investigations were stymied by the Libs and NDP working together.

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