01.14.2022 09:13 PM

Wellington, looking East


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Glad you’re back home. Art imitates life as the painting illustrates clearly a crossroad, when in fact its author has just experienced one. Kind of deep and no doubt signalling one hell of a fork in the road ahead and quite naturally, only for the better.

  2. WTF says:


    Regarding the last post convo . Respectfully, I think I answered your queries already. But here goes my final thoughts to I’m sure the relief of the host

    -public/private is being done already in many jurisdictions all slightly different, easily vetted, no need to reinvent the wheel. been done elsewhere, investigate. debate. Implement.

    -Nobody wants our system except N Korea. That in its self speaks volumes

    Why ? As previously indicated ,
    Political cowardice, Ideological paternalistic decision making.

    The Libs are doing to Canada what happened to Ontario during the Butts/ McGuinty/ Wynne era,

    Now the Butts/ Telford/ Trudeau era Same M.O.

    Have financially incompetent politicians, guided by invisible unelected advisors proceed to firehose money to targeted areas to buy votes, ignore fiscal responsibility, increase debt to record levels, have no plan to address it. Leave a financial shit storm for the next sucker to address.

    The problem? The taxpayer is the sucker, they pay. Much easier to kick the can down the road. Somebody else’s problem. Nice governance.

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:



  4. Sean says:

    I see a sign indicating be very careful turning too far to the left…. and an empty chair in the middle… it is impossible to look at Warren’s art and not see politics.

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