02.10.2022 06:18 PM

Also true: I despise them all


  1. Yup, look up politicians in the dictionary and…

    Meanwhile, I used to love when you’d write Bits & Bites from time to time. Here’s my contribution: I wonder how his master’s voice is taking it now that Freeland le devance par 7% in the polls? Liberals need to have their heads examined. And then there’s the ever forceful Carney on the printed page…panicking now, is he? Needs to stay relevant to counter the so-called Freeland momentum. And who can forget Johnny now being courted by the CPC Quebec caucus…they’re out in LaLaLand but hey, if they want to waste their time, then by all means, have at it.

  2. Mark D says:

    Warren, what are the odds of Chretien Liberals and Red Tories getting together to offer Canadians another political alternative?

  3. Andy Kaut says:

    Wait, whataboutism?

    That seems … cheap.

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