02.01.2022 04:53 PM

Come protest me, Karen Konvoy


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    Sean says:

    I really wanted to give O’Toole a chance. He has a sterling resume. His campaign was pretty good and I think he showed himself to be unusually savvy. I am also the last person to say a leadership change will solve any problems.

    But he needed to steer the rival factions of his party through the COVID mess by presenting a coherent, consistent message. This has been his most important responsibility.

    He has failed miserably at this imminently serious task and shows no hope of recovery after this weekend. His performance in QP was laughable. The attempt to be on both sides of the fence all the time has been his undoing. It’s time for a fresh start.

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    PJH says:

    The “Flu Trux Klan” was parading up and down my main street this afternoon. Not content to irritate, bother, irk, madden, taunt, anger, displease, pest, bully, exasperate, rile, or vex the good denizens of Ottawa and surrounding areas…..they decided to bestow their travelling salvation show on a small town in BC….For the record, our locals werent impressed either.

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      Sean says:

      again… and again… and again…. this is not a protest…. it is a riot.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    If O’Toole hadn’t wedded himself to the truckers so solidly, none of this would be happening but make no mistake, he was on a time delayed doom fuse from the moment he quite deliberately coddled and threw in his lot with the unvaccinated.

    From that point on, both he and the party under his leadership became politically irrelevant and far worse, made the maladministration and gross incompetence of the Trudeau Liberals look good and voter appealing for the next election.

    So, O’Toole has to go along with every major player in his OLO. They must never, ever, hold any significant position of responsibility in a future Conservative governmenr. PERIOD.

    I’ll call them as I damned well see them. I’m not now and won’t ever be going to Ottawa. So kissing ass and licking boots ain’t in my future.

    As for caucus, as a centrist and moderate member, I want to hear publicly from Chong and the others and I want to hear from them on the record before caucus reaches a decision.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Some will say O’Dowd is both insignificant and a predictable and inevitable turncoat and that’s right. You see, I don’t suffer political bunglers gladly. First Harper in 2015, when he lurched to the right and gave us Trudeau. Next Trudeau, when he gave us SNC and sidelined JWR and JP. And now, O’Toole when he serially went with the wind and did an about face seemingly every time he thought it was politically advantageous. NOT ACCEPTABLE, IN ALL THREE CASES. So Yes, I’ll proudly be among those who choose to gladly hold the knife, politically speaking. O’Toole, just go.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    In short, this guy won the leadership under false pretenses. He won on a lie and proudly so. Who was he then and who is he really now? And he was OK with that, smiling all the way to this very day. He showed at best contempt for those who worked for him in the leadership race and who supported his candidacy. When you go out of your way to be different things for different people, in the end you are nothing. The other candidates had the decency to be politically authentic. O’Toole not so much. He had no respect for the membership and it showed.

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