, 02.06.2022 10:23 AM

KINSELLACAST 196: Lilley, Mraz et al. on how everything is shit – plus Spiritual Cramp, Detention, Surfbort, The Bronx


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Expect Deltell to run, backed up by a lot of the Quebec team.

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    Lol that “White Claw enema bong hit” song made me laugh out loud! As did your description of Poilievre. Too notch podcast today hahaha!

  3. Doug says:

    The tone of this episode veers close to out of touch “experts” calling out a protest of “deplorables”.Where was the outrage when churches were set fire last summer? Or when train tracks were blocked in early 2020? Or access denied to legally permitted pipeline construction sites? Also laughable is concern over foreign funding. Occupy Wall Street, BLM and climate activism, such as the Tarsands Compaign, all had some degree of foreign funding. Laurentians only seem to care about the rule of law, or foreign funding when protests impact something in their own backyards, if they disagree with the alleged cause, or the protestors are unsympathetic or even worse, physically unattractive.

    I take particular offense to calling out the so-called Western rump of the CPC as motivated by social conservatism or even racism. Why not replay the Greatest Hits of the 90’s when they play so well to Laurentian bias? Yes I grew up from Alberta and yes I probably emerged from the womb with a libertarian bent, but being labeled as a racist is as offensive as it gets. I was big time into Reform in my teens and twenties, not because of race, but because I wanted the revenue and headcount available to the federal government and to federal institutions better aligned with the low value add which they provide.

  4. Media Watcher says:

    Your weekly podcast is one of the best things online these days. It would be THE best if there were just a couple of tweaks.

    1. The audio levels are atrocious. I know you want that punk racket to assault the listeners’ ears, for some kind of shock value kick, but the difference in audio levels between the human parts and the “music” (noise) parts is unbearable. I suspect this is intentional, and I absolutely hate it.

    2. There is always something lacking with Mraz’s segments. Not sure if it’s the phone he’s using, network problems, poor production, or what. His segments are almost unlistenable. The banter is not very helpful either. Two adolescents who are struggling to have a serious conversation.

    The Lilley segments and the radio clips are by far the best. Each week, though, I lament that there is maybe 15-20 minutes of good content in a 45-minute program – with the rest being cringe-worthy foolishness or blasting “music” garbage that maybe deserves its down podcast for the enjoyment of of those who can tolerate it.

    For me, I keep my finger on the fast forward button to escape the dissonant bits. If I cannot have my phone within reach, I just don’t listen at all.

    Despite my negativity above, your voice is important in the discourse of these days. We need a cogent, reasoned voice in the space and you fill this role very well. I pray you increase your reach and continue to add your strong contribution to the national debate.

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