, 02.20.2022 10:16 AM

KINSELLACAST 198: Mraz in Ukraine, Lilley & Belanger on Ottawa – plus Soundgarden, Killing Joke & more


  1. Warren,

    Here’s a new math equation I just discovered:

    MacDonald = Blithering Idiot…

    Thanks for making the Trudeau Liberals’ week. Good job. That should keep us out of office, I don’t know, for another four years. And pray tell, what’s the actual length of YOUR work week genius as “brains” of the Senate?

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    Ok this person who keeps whining about the west in every interview/panel is exhibit A that the Conservative party is falling apart. Things are tough all over, the west is not fucking special.

  3. Derek Pearce says:

    Ah, and finishing up with Joy Division is always a nice touch.

  4. PJH says:

    Who is this woman?…….she doesnt speak for all Westerners, including yours truly…….

    I wonder how she feels about the millions of Federal aid that is forthcoming to assist farmers and homeowners affected by the recent floods in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia….Lets not forget the 500 troops the Federal govt provided at the height of the flooding crisis, either…..

    Or the millions that are forthcoming to help rebuild the community of Lytton, BC destroyed by wildfire last summer….

    There are many things to be critical of the PM on, but to say that the West is hard done by, is not one of them…..I found her wingeing on this issue grating….

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