, 02.27.2022 12:40 PM

KINSELLACAST 199: Fight Putin’s fascism! John Mraz back from Ukraine! Plus: songs of war


  1. Clearly, Putin has gone off the deep end and is in need of mental health treatment. What is he going to do next, nuke Ukraine?

    Wake up NATO and do it now before he finds some other flimzy pretext to nuke NATO. It’s one thing to deal with an authoritarian tyrant. It’s quite another thing to deal with one with serious and seemingly permanent mental health issues.

  2. Looks like the EU won’t be playing nice either.

  3. I’m watching the lawmakers on CNN foolishly believing that any kind of accommodation can come between the West and Putin. Putin will never, ever, give an inch until he’s overthrown the Ukrainian government and put its territory under his occupation.

    THAT’S REALITY, cowardly politicians. Personally, I would rather end up incinerated in a nuclear exchange than to live in a world where a deranged demon seed gets to call the shots over an otherwise free people.

    NATO, fight Putin will everything you’ve got because that’s the only language that Putin understands or respects. Nothing else is acceptable for Ukraine or anywhere else that will ultimately be threatened by Putin.

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