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  1. Now, our job as party members and members of caucus is to choose a new leader ASAP, one that Trudeau voters can relate to and who can be persuasive in convincing them and the undecided to give the CPC a serious look. That’s the way to power. Not turning into just another also-ran PPC. For those who don’t like it, then please JOIN the PPC. Thank you.

    • Phil in London says:

      Ron, I have completed my job – I have checked out.

      Too many idiots have been clamouring to replace O’Toole since about ten years before he was elected. Conservative playbook page one rule one – Kill the leader.

      Page two review page one, rule one.

      The fools who stay will be pissing and moaning till Trudeau’s son is being mocked as prime minister.

      They were clamouring to replace Manning than Day, than Harper then Scheer than poor Erin.

      They should run a donkey for leaded cause only a jackass would want the job.

      The best thing I can say is that I am live my life without any skin in the political game.

      For the sake of the remaining conservatives I hope the PPC does swallow it up.

      Never thought I’d say this I’m ready to vote Liberal it’s the only hope at power. Where do I sign up?

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Either way, we’ll respect your decision but please don’t do it on a reactive whim. The party needs every thinking and thoughtful person now. Weigh the pros and cons carefully. Thanks. I hope you stay.

        • Phil in London says:


          I cannot be clearer, I am not looking for respect not wanting any respect. I am appealing for mercy.

          I am so conservative my health records indicate my blood type is blue.

          The Conservative movement I associated with is dead. The beauty of being dead, you never have to worry about dying.

          It’s the mourners who are left troubled and I submit the mourners here will play out something like this.

          The riding associations who will never elect a conservative if Jesus Christ were leader will have a bigger say than the riding associations who will never elect anything but a conservative even if Satan is leader.

          The new leader will be promoted as a unity builder but will not be able to corral the social and rural conservatives and will lose support to the progressive parties.

          An election will be held, after the loss the people with seats will oust the leader and forfeit the chance to win for at least one probably two more elections.

          There will be two or three elections between that leader being sworn in and his successor being thrown out.

          How in the name of God can my reaction be seen as a whim?

          You have serious delusions if you can’t see that the best thing this party could do is call a press conference today and state categorically they were all high on meth yesterday and also the day they pushed Scheer out.

          Neither of these guys have the chance to win today but both of these if given a second chance in the first place would have been a better choice then the next winner of the stupidest politician in Canada contest that is surely coming up. Who the fuck would want that job? Max Bernier might not even want it.

          I cannot be clearer this party is dead. Dead dead dead, as in never been more fucking dead – dig a hole and pour every remnant of the party inside, walk away and hope for a resurrection.

          I have been through the messy divorce with this clan and will not take a side and go through another one.

          Both sides need to accept the separation need to be final.

  2. Douglas W says:

    The front runner?

    She/he who can raise gobs of money, fast; build a machine, and make everyone else think that they have no chance of winning.

    In no particular order:
    Pierre Poilievre
    Michael Chong
    Michelle Rempel Garner


    • Douglas,

      In my book, the front runner is not named here. But pretty much everyone knows who he is. So, my campaign, if it gets off the ground will have our work cut out for us. That other guy will be hard to stop.

      • Douglas W says:

        “But pretty much everyone knows who he is.”

        Beats me, who you are referring to?

        • Douglas W says:

          I’m now hearing Son of Elmer’s name being floated around.

          Not a chance.
          He had his breakaway/wide open net chance, and shot high and wide.

          • Phil in London says:

            Because parliament is missing a second generation wannabe with no principals leading a party? Or is it the potato farming jilted lover vote he seeks?

            The 73 will love Petey for a good 25 seconds. Maybe he can dig up the grave of David Orchard’s anti free trade movement just so he can piss on it’s neck and try to tell them it is raining.

            If McKay is the leader of the regressive conservatives than everything I say about the party being dead is absolutely correct, minus of course my failure to predict a zombie apocalypse.

          • Douglas,

            Your not, eh. Peter will let us know soon enough either way but I’m funny that way, I like a wave to start in Atlantic Canada and then move westward. Let me see, where is Peter from again? Oh yes, Nova Scotia. Isn’t that in the Maritimes?

        • Me bad. You’re not, eh.

  3. PJH says:

    Yes, when a running horse named Leslyn Lewis came outta nowhere with a two million dollar war chest and played Ken Dryden…..interesting no?…..

    Why “Legacy Partners” have such enmity against the man is beyond me….If not for Peter MacKay…..Mr. Harper would never have become PM….

    But no worries, I suspect he will sit this one out….

    • Phil in London says:

      All for the good for sure but I think we would have had a Reform victory eventually, the marriage of the CPC and the PC parties did certainly help but I do believe a CPC government at some point was inevitable. This was not a merger of equals.

      McKay’s party was more useless than a wet roll of toilet paper in an outhouse but it did use that soggy mess to extract a kinder gentler conservative government.

      • PJH says:

        I resent that remark…..Useless eh?,,,,,Interesting, when Mr Clark rose to speak…..the Gov;t listened….even M. Chretien himself….

        Useless eh?….when all bets were against us, and Lord Tubby was printing “Say G’bye Joe” on the front page of his rag….Our party managed to win 12 seats and maintain party status….all the while making Stockwell Day(along with a certain notable person) look like the fool he was…..

        So you may have found us “useless” but all I know is that was the best time to be in politics….we were united as a party like no other, we out reformed Reform in being a grassroots party that was open and inclusive, we punched well above our weight, and in fending off the Canadian Alliance we were indeed responsible for a kinder gentler Conservative government…..and with a little luck and a good campaign, a former member of the PC Party might still wind up in charge..

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