03.20.2022 09:57 AM

Karl, Tasha and me on Andrew Pinsent’s CFRA show this morning – Tune in!



  1. Warren,

    On Brown: he’s already predesignated as Charest’s Agnew. Charest will stay above the fray, smiling at everyone and making deals but in the final analysis, Brown will go to Charest. It’s already written in the political stars.

  2. Tasha hit on it: memberships are being sold until June…so…Charest’s people will pack the membership rolls with spanking brand new legitimate members, just like Mulroney did to Clark in the previous party.

  3. On Ukraine, the democratic world needs World War III and we need it YESTERDAY. This is a war against the devil incarnate so we really only have two legitimate choices: NATO, the EU and others can fight Putin now or absolutely be drawn in further down the road after hundreds of thousands of civilians will have been massacred. It’s long overdue for the rubber to hit the road.

    The United States got in late in WW I & WW II…what would have happened to the Free World but for Pearl Harbor? Exactly.

    In short, it’s up to BOJO to become Churchill. The UK must get in now, along with the Commonwealth and that will force the Americans’ hand. FINALLY. Once the UK is in, the other self-respecting democracies will get in and Putin and company will be one hell of a lot closer to meeting the noose in The Hague.

    • And then there’s Freeland coming up with and driving the Canadian response to Ukraine. Justin is only the front person as his intellect is insufficient to draft or logically follow through on real-time changing, sometimes innovative, proactive or reactive policy. Carney must be about to have a stroke. Freeland has made great strides here. So far, so good for her.

      • The Doctor says:

        On that note, I’m glad we have Freeland in the front benches of this government right now.

        It’s notable how Russian trolls on social media go after her like a pack of hyenas. Speaks volumes.

    • Gyor says:

      You do realize WW3 is going to be a very short war that ends with the death of all life on earth. Do you understand the concept of nuclear war?

      And Putin is no Hitler, both are vile, but Putin doesn’t have the military might or skilled generals that Hitler had, I mean look at how fast Hitler took most of Europe, Putin can’t even take most of the Ukraine alone by itself mostly.

      • The Doctor says:

        It’s still early days yet, but one of the things that may come out of this (there are rumblings among military experts) is how compromised Russia’s military is because of how incredibly corrupt Russia is.

        If that’s borne out, it would be reminiscent of the situation with the 6 day war between Israel, Egypt et al. in 1967. Nasser had lots and lots of planes, tanks, hardware etc. But it turned out that those numbers were almost Potemkin-like because behind it there was total rot on account of Egypt’s corruption and dysfunctionality.

      • Gyor,

        Putin is threatening to deploy tactical battlefield nukes in theatre. That’s good enough for me.

  4. Rempel Garner?

    Somebody, anybody, what’s the natural fit and more importantly, the political payoff? I just don’t get it.

  5. Chechnya




    War crimes and crimes against humanity galore. Need I say more?

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