, 03.15.2022 01:20 PM

Sun Media: Lilley and me on Zelensky and Ukraine


  1. James says:

    Putin has made a massive mess invading Ukraine. Lilley and Kinsella’s comments about more help for Ukraine is a fools game. Putin is tanking in trying to take the country. Why would you get in the way of your enemy making a spectacular mistake?

  2. James,

    I’m for Lend-Lease, a no-fly zone and absolutely anything else that will beat Putin. I want him and his forces in Ukraine obliterated ASAP.

    It should be all about the suffering of civilians and their suffering needs to end yesterday.

  3. R. Marut says:

    Putin recently said that “true Russians would always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors.”

    He’s sounding more and more like Justin Trudeau all the time.

  4. MacKay’s ZOOM on Ukraine was very informative and even enjoyable given the topic at hand.

    I didn’t use the chat but here’s what I think: NATO created the underlying conditions for this war back in 2008 when it refused Ukraine membership, period. All the rest is the inevitable insane reaction of a power hungry nut-case and murderer.

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