, 04.03.2022 11:50 AM

KINSELLACAST 204: Kheiriddin, Lilley, Belanger, Mraz on apologies, war and more – plus Sonics, Stones, Faces


  1. Warren,

    I support Charest but I’m not one of their strategists nor do I speak for Charest personally. To Poilièvre I would say, know your audience, otherwise known as the membership.

    Poilièvre has a couple of dilemmas: first, how to stay on traditional script to hold the confidence of at least 55% of the membership that he, in my judgment already commands vs. how to big-tent his leadership campaign.

    Like I’ve said before, IMHO, Team Poilièvre is making a fundamental mistake by putting the cart before the horse. He’s not running for prime minister because this is not a general election and he’s not already party leader. So sure, he has to big-tent to some extent but it must not come off as at the political margins or worse yet, off the deep end. That’s his main risk. The bitcoin thing is quite obviously aimed at millennials, etc. However, his risk if he pushes that envelope too far is that some of his already committed base will decide to walk off Team Poilièvre. Put in simple terms: how do you correctly square that circle and pull it off? Over to you, Jenni.

  2. Warren,

    I’m not Churchill, not even close to that. But what I’m unequivocally for is a World War and I want it yesterday! Why is Ron off the deep end they’ll ask and so I’ll tell you: first off, put this war in its proper perspective: this is war between the forces of good vs. those of evil, period. Putin is a representative of the devil incarnate, full stop and that means NEVER, EVER, accommodating a demon seed.

    Secondly, the intermediate battlefield nuclear weapons threat is rhetorical bullshit. Putin may be a case book sociopath but he’s far from crazy. He’s chillingly of sound mind and body and that’s what makes him exceedingly dangerous. He knows without a sliver of a doubt how the Virginia-Class subs are practically undetectable and 3/4 of them constantly at sea. He also bloody well knows that those warheads alone can wipe off all of Russia from the map in a heartbeat. So, the nuclear thing is nothing more than bullshit aimed at preventing NATO from coming in and so far it’s foolishly working.

    We will ultimately reach a point if NATO and the West doesn’t get in quickly where we will become complicit in the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Russian forces and their allies. Just how much destruction of Ukraine are we prepared to accept, how many civilians do we willingly allow to be killed, tortured or sent to the gulag? Like I said, we’re becoming complicit.

    So, cowardly politicians, find some balls and get in there with only one objective: sending Putin to The Hague where he can be held accountable. That means general mobilization across NATO and other allies and that means doing it now.

    As for myself, I’ll eat my own cooking: as soon as mobilization comes, and as sure as I’m breathing it will, likely after Poland is attacked to cutoff the pipeline of arms and other military hardware to Ukraine. I’ll be at the recruiting station in a New York minute and hopefully they’ll take me, even though I’m over the hill, to put it nicely. I won’t mind dying in combat. All I ask from the Lord is that I at least get to take one of them with me before I go. Like I said, it’s good vs. evil and that faceoff can only be delayed, not ultimately averted.

  3. CNN is reporting at least 400 civilians killed or executed. Thank God that Biden is coming around.

    Nothing gives me more undiluted pleasure to quote Her Majesty The Queen, than to watch those Russian fighters and helicopters drop from the sky. May it continue in spades.

  4. Derek Pearce says:

    @ Ronald — a general mobilization is totally off the books if the frontline countries have anything to say about it. The Baltics, Poland et al are just not going to risk the death and destruction of their own citizens unless directly attacked first. Remember– nations do not have friends, they have interests.
    Now then, perhaps a no-fly zone could be be arm-twisted. Unfortunately that’s the best we can hope for (which will help slowly bleed Russia over years of guerilla warfare).

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