04.06.2022 10:23 PM

Why this is happening


  1. Bill Malcolm says:

    Or you could be like Nova Scotia and pretend all is sweetness and light. We were doing well unil Omicron BA1 hit. Then, inexplicably, Public Health just gave up, there’s no other description that fits. Now NS, PEI, NL and PEI lead North America in new Covid cases per capita. In NS, we have over 600 cases a day and a 30% positivity rate, about equivalent to 10,000 cases a day in Ontario! And we get farcical updates once a week when they can get off their asses to provide it. Cases doubled in a month.

    Learn to live with it, says our Chief Medical Officer. He’s about 180 degrees away from his attitude four months ago. Live with it! Gee, thanks for all your help, Doc! You’re a national treasure.

    If you’re old and infirm and susceptible like me, it means getting up at the crack of dawn to grocery shop when there’s nobody much about, just to minimize contacts while praying for the best. My young triple-vaxxed niece is flat on her back with it. Vaccines? Yeah, great.

    Utterly pathetic performance by government. Public Health lifts all restrictions March 21, your average dough-head wanders around in a haze thinking it’s safe, there are so many healthcare workers off self-isolating it’s seriously not funny, surgeries are out of the question (we’re 27,000 behind equivalent to 400,000 in Ontario) and the idiotic premier Houston stands there and says: “I’m not hitting the panic button yet!” And that’s with MLAs dropping like flies! Cognitive dissonance apparently happens in middle age! Who knew?

    What I’d like to know is this: Who decided this ridiculous too-early relaxation of restrictions? The Chief Medical Officers of Health of all provinces have weekly Zoom pow-wows, we are told. And apparently all agreed — “F**k it! Let it roll. That’ll sort our the weak buggers from the strong and alleviate the housing crisis! So what if there’s long Covid? Suck it up, you plebs!”

    We offed only a 100 people in NS from the onset in March 2020 in the following 18 months. Since December last, we’ve tripled that! The “I’m not hitting the panic button yet!” lousy excuse for a premier and the Chief MO need to hang their heads in shame.

    You’re always going to have conspiracy theorists, wackadoodle religionists, Con Party leadership dopes and the likes of truckers unable to reason who refuse to see reality. I wasn’t counting on our leaders and medicos to stab us in the back, though.

    But that’s what’s happened.

  2. Steve T says:

    Your list is good, but missing one key item – the population has become extremely COVID-weary, and COVID-numb.

    Masks are pretty easy, as you note. However, the problem is they’ve been synonymized with other things that really affect people economically and mentally (lock downs; capacity restrictions; etc…). People just see it all as one big COVID lump, and push to have it all lifted.

    We are going to find out today how much of a fiscal hole we’ve dug for ourselves, our children, and many generations to come. Justin and his NDP allies will look for any reason to sprinkle money across the country and put the citizenry on the government payroll (directly or indirectly via CERB-ish programs) to guarantee fealty.

    COVID was a wonderful reason to really expand that approach. Some folks, like me, realize we need to start striking a balance between COVID mitigation and economic destruction. We are going to have waves for years and years to come – we can’t keep putting the brakes on society every time it happens.

    Get vaxxed, mask in crowded places, but please no more lockdowns or government handouts.

  3. Sean says:

    Ontario’s vaccination numbers tell the tale… People vote with their feet.

    First dose sure.

    Second dose almost everyone still playing on the same team.

    Third dose…meh.

    Fourth dose forget it.

    People have had enough. They’re tired of the new variants / new waves spoiling everything and just want to let it rip.

    At the end of the day, institutions and laws will never defeat nature. COVID is just nature outsmarting us and kicking our ass over and over again.

    I for one will take any free vaccine I can get, wear a mask even when I don’t have to and do what doctors say. Because they are f&%king doctors.

  4. Robert White says:

    Respectfully, I warned the stupid God damned bastards in the fucking Government of the United States of America not to fuck around with Gain-of-Function deadly pandemic pathogens back in 2014, but the cocksuckers in the Central Intelligence Agency & Pentagon thought that Fourth Generation Biowarfare was appropriate at this time in our history.

    Robert Gordon White Carleton University

    Sincerely, Robert

    • Robert,

      And then there’s that elephant in the room: why, pray tell, has the sociopath not YET used his bioweapons of choice on his Ukrainian test subjects? In due time, I suppose?

      • Robert White says:

        Count the Biosecurity Level Four laboratories in Ukraine and then follow the money.

        We are absolutely certain to see a chemical weapons & biological weapons of mass destruction claim emanate out of this latest so-called ‘cold war’ conflagration.

        Whomever is directing this debacle is one sick puppy IMHO. This is going to be orders of magnitudes worse than the Second World War debacle too.

        This is why I don’t like federal level politics as a general rule. NATO is fomenting war vis-a-vis Baltic region & Ukraine. They are serially engaged with an avowed adversary aligned with yet another intractable superpower vis-a-vis China all bent on not adhering to diplomacy or diplomatic channels since the Orange menace came on scence with Smoot Hawley Act Two the precursor to Weimar Republic hyperinflation for 2022 and beyond.

        NATO sucks and is anachronism & anathema in light of Global Finance in a modern day dark pool derivatives backed financialized finance landscape whereby everything is backed by imprimatur only if we exclude the debt & deficits.

        We cannot afford NATO or the F-35 largesse.

        Why can’t we just fire the whole lot of bureaucrats and start over?


    • Gilbert says:

      What is the role of radiation (electromagnetic fields) in this pandemic? I know that Wuhan was the first city to install the 5G network. I agree that the virus was released in October 2019 when Wuhan had the World Military Games, and it was released intentionally near the Wuhan Lab.

      • Robert White says:

        I’m still trying to figure out the radiation that comes from the sun. I build Magnetic Tuned Loop antennas for Short Wave listening/receiving and I don’t fully understand the radiation that emanates from that either.

        You would need a Physicist to explain that one IMHO.
        I’m smart, but not that smart.


  5. .. Perhaps the Revelation will arrive – That Covid travels as an aerosol and/or droplets ?

    Thus it will certainly land on indoor / enclosed surfaces
    Perhaps worse.. when expressed / ejected as body temperature aerosol – it may float & ride upon air currents, even via heating or air conditioning vents

    Filtration Ventilation Circulation plus Certification thereof should be seen as crucial in Retail, Education, Office, Home, Public & Personal Transportation

    Example ? It’s laughable, the idea of leaving home – to School Buses, Car Pooling, Day Care, then home again home again to compare all the ‘bubbles’ involved.. without knowing if we are sharing each other’s breath & accumulating more and more Viral Load.. then off for Groceries & lineups to pay.. simply absurd

    I speak with my family doctor in person, in his office approx 6 times a year and I’m a Senior with Atrial Fibrillation, seemingly a consequence of a real hand on, dirtbag Influenza about 4 years ago. I’ve either written, directed, produced, shot, edited more than 250 Accredited CME videos (Continuing Medical Education) – I know a medical exemplar when I see one – or read one.

    Dr Larry Brilliant does an amazing TED Talk prize wish on Youtube when accepting the award. Check it out.. Help Stop The Next Pandemic. You won’t be sorry. It’s an inspiring video of ending Smallpox in India.. by a small crack team that went on to end Polio as well. They went door to door – undaunted by sheer population, ignorance.. and the belief a ‘deity’ would be angry at strangers entering their homes

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