05.24.2022 07:47 PM

Bradford on brainless Beach bastards

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    the salamander says:

    .. Thanks.. was unaware of Bradford – looked him up

    It may seem a stretch.. but at some point ‘the Beach(es)’ may need to be regarded in a similar sense to Banff & the surrounding Banff National Park

    My definition is ‘South of Gerrard (Clonmore)
    from Coxwell to Victoria Park’ – Residential & related Commercial – the small town attraction & comparison seems obvious.. a wondrous ribbon of parkland, boardwalk, lake at the foot of it.. safe for women to run at night, children to play.. a magical environment

    Going to take some serious thinking & doing to protect the community & environment from human pollutants & my family of Beachers & East York are up for it

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