05.22.2022 12:17 PM

Doug’s party vs. Pierre’s party


  1. Sean says:

    If they can find another 100 million dollars to keep studying the train stop in Peterborough for another 15 years, then this election will have been all we bargained for.

  2. PJH says:

    I agree that Mr. Ford will win the Ontario provincial election, and for your aforesaid reasons….I do believe however, that the Conservative Party of Canada does have an opportunity to change its ways if M. Charest is successful in becoming the next leader of the Party……If PP is successful, your accurate description of my party will continue, and the next election will be a gift to the Liberal Party of Canada. Sad.

  3. Warren,

    My party, the CPC, likes losing. If you don’t believe me, just ask Charest before or right after he gets blown out of the water. No rose coloured glasses for Ronnie! No, sir.

    • PJH says:

      Oh ye o’ little faith!……do you really think that PP is going to win on the first ballot?…..or that support for Patrick Brown will turn into down ballot support for PP?…..Pshaw…..Charest still has a chance, but we must win the Maritimes, slaughter PP in Quebec….split Ontario at least, and do well in BC…..Im not ready to surrender the party yet to PP’s virulent demagoguery…..

      • PJH,

        No, I expect him to win on the second ballot. Charest has already dealed in Brown but I see no signals that the same has been achieved with Leslyn or Scott. Charest’s “strategists” are supposed to instinctively know that the leadership is a bridge too far for him unless he can lock in the supporters of the last two. I see it, you more than likely see it, SO, how come they can’t see it? Maybe it’s because they are crappy strategists? Yeah, that’s it…

  4. David says:

    Please don’t publish tbis:

    I’m your old bestfriend from the literary journal: The Ugly Hockey Sweater.

    I did harass you. We Neo Nazis were no longer willing to disprove that 20 million jews were systematically gassed during the war, but that blonds and boys with freckles make friends with minorities in grade 3.

    They did a lot to me. As I told you I graduated from junior high-school in 1989. Muslim terrorism (and AIDS) were the biggest news stories.

    They put a girl in my class who’s name phonetically was Rarjinder.

    She got picked on by everyone especially the girls.

    I was the only one nice to her.

    There was a lot more than that.

    The corporations are funding them. They’d like Ontario to have a 100 million population.

    When I graduated from high school my favorite restaurant was turned into a gay bar. When I attended the University of Ottawa it suddenly ranked last in Macleans rankings.

    Im communicating with you for legal reasons.If tbey ever charge me with something I didnt do you get to testify.

    There’s a lot more I haven’t told you. When I was a teen they sort of connected me to a famous actor.

    I’ll explain more in another Comment Broadcast.

    Anyway, Warren: It’s time for me and you to leave this shitshow they call Doug Ford/Justin Trudeau.Run off to Cuba with me?

  5. Jim R says:

    Unless PP undergoes a radical and believable makeover, I may just have to spoil my ballot when the time comes.

  6. Warren,

    Well, I’m back…from Laval. What a pathetic spectacle with Poilièvre, Brown (how they absolutely luv each other) and Charest acting like, at best, kindergarten students.

    The most interesting part was calculating in the hundreds of thousands how many potential CPC voters watched that laughable joke last night and clicked off — the party is incredibly positioned to lose a third election in a row. Good job, guys. At least we know how to do opposition right, some of the time.

    • PJH says:

      Mr. O’Dowd: After all that has come to pass between the three major candidates, did you really think the French debate was going to be a collegial exhibit of decorum and fellowship?…..

      I watched the English translation on CPAC, and I thought M. Charest came off quite well….Francophone associates thought the same. I especially liked M. Charest’s opening and closing statements….

      I’m not concerned particularly if in the end, M. Charest is not successful If the demagogue PP wins, I wont be around to see the Conservative Party of Canada crash and burn…..When you are banging your head against the wall, it feels so good when you stop.

      • PJH,

        You sir, are far more charitable than I am. You see, I’d never, ever, give them the satisfaction of leaving. I fully intend to thoroughly rub it in their faces when (and not if) we lose the third election in a row. Too many Conservatives either have simply become accustomed to losing or have grown to like being in opposition. So, I fully expect that Poilièvre will not heed our warnings and be tone deaf. But hey, in the end, that’s his problem not mine now is it.

        Just look at him embracing Peterson, of all people…sheesh. Another election winner move.

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