, 05.23.2022 08:15 AM

KINSELLACAST 211: Lilley, Mraz, Agar on debates, Cons and cons

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  1. How’s this for brown nosing: I’d rather Kinsellacast than sleep. LOL.

    SCOC: Bertha must be rolling over in her grave;

    FORD: How are his crowds? Consistent?;

    KENNEY: Is it really more about his politics than his leadership style? I don’t think so. Not exactly Gentleman Jim, now is he;

    POILIEVRE: Purging moderates, centrists and red tories from the party? Not a fucking chance. Zero, zip, nada. They don’t want the fifth column of all fifth columns pissing in instead of out. Not smart. We need MacKay to work on this after the vote. Where the hell is he? AWOL?;

    PUTIN: Got to get him to The Hague and that necessarily requires a widening of the war, so let’s have at it. Yesterday. See ya at the recruiting office.

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