05.12.2022 06:29 PM

Our latest Sun Media hit: the CPC debate!


  1. Steve T says:

    Excellent analysis, all round.

    What gives me the shudders is that, a year ago, I was a big Pierre fan. If the leadership had been held then, he’d have received my vote. Hoo boy – thank goodness he got some additional time to reveal himself. I’d say he’s about 3rd or 4th down the list for me now.

    • PJH says:

      It’s interesting…..Ive spoken with young Tories who have said the same thing…..One mentioned they hosted an event with PP as speaker….and he came off as Mr. Nice Guy….but that they would never support him as leader now.

      I really didnt have much of an opinion of PP one way or the other(I just saw him as a Party pit bull, much like the Libs Rat Pack was back in the 80’s)

      It was only when I saw him posing with the Freedum Truckers, and giving them his full support and succor…that I thought the party shouldnt touch PP with a ten foot barge p0le…

      PP will be ballot box poison for the Conservative Party of Canada if elected leader.

      • PJH,

        A couple of things: I think it’s premature for example for some members, not you, to talk about putting lipstick on a pig. It definitely applies to Trudeau thanks to the way he acted in government post-SNC. So, theoretically at least Pierre still has a chance to win the middle in an election but can he actually rise to the challege and do it? I have serious doubts.

        I see this race as a feedback loop that keeps repeating. Another hamster wheel, likely to no where. First Scheer who was no Harper, then O’Toole who was someone he was not in order to win and now Poilievre, who like Harper, definitely is who he says he is but has IMHO, long odds to win the country. So, it doesn’t look good right now. Can it change aftet a PP leadership win? Yes, but I just don’t see that way forward. Not at all.

  2. Gilbert says:

    Jean Charest reminds me of the political establishment. He’s not so conservative and he just needs to retire. Tom Clark was a terrible moderator. Who cares what music the candidates listen to? Let’s get a Conservative moderator next time.

    • Gilbert,

      Who cares who the moderator is. That certainly won’t help us win the next election. If you’re for PP, can you please explain to me how this guy wins next time because this is what the race should be all about? Most members are for him but how do we win? Somebody, anybody, enlighten me. Thanks.

      It’s not Byrne who’s already got a credible plan for him to win. That trip prematurely back to Ottawa in 2015 said it all…

  3. Good God…


    Words fail me, absolutely. Now I remember why I voted against the merger.

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