06.06.2022 10:32 AM


Today is the anniversary of losing him. What a different world it would have been.


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    Robert White says:

    When Robert Kennedy was assassinated my father looked to my mother and said…”They killed him too.” with the most emotional existential crisis moment I’d had ever seen as a child. From that moment onwards my father carried that existential crisis throughout his entire life just as I have as well.

    Guaranteed that that moment in our lives existentially changed our entire generation vis-a-vis trust of government, and authority via police & Law Enforcement.

    I recall the evening news and the moment my father was existentially crushed by that incident. Assassination of John F. Kennedy was a scar of epic proportions for all throughout the world that believe in democracy. The assassination of his brother was yet another knife in our backs that we all have to carry throughout our lives.

    Civilization is not very civilized, frankly.


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    R. Marut says:

    Kennedy. Bush. Clinton. Trudeau.

    Nice to know that in our modern electoral democracies there is no place for elitist family dynasties fueled by surface appearances, inherited money, and meretricious policy fantasies.

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      ted says:

      Where would we be without wishful thinking?

      JFK and George HW were war heroes.

      Bill Clinton came from nothing.

      Trudeau is also a bit of a stretch. Pierre’s Dad, Charlie owned gas stations. Pierre was one generation removed from a man of the people. Justin is a bit of a gas, but he is surely not evil.

      I have no comment on Bush 2 although I hear he likes to paint.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        La Compagnie Champlain Oil Products Limited (Les P├ętroles Champlain).

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Bobby was perhaps the greatest example of a person transformed from not so good to incredibly so. When he was JFK’s enforcer and protector, it was not his finest hour. I’ll put it like that. But after JFK was killed, RFK suspected that JFK had been targeted to rapidly end his tenure as Attorney General. Most people knew that LBJ was unlikely to keep him in that post given their incredibly strained relationship.

    My money for fingerprints on both these killings is on Carlos Marcello. The mob had disturbed the contents of voting boxes in Chicago and New Jersey at the request of old man Joe Kennedy and then were double-crossed when Bobby went after them with a vengeance. Not a good story.

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