06.23.2022 01:24 PM

UCP: unruly, crazy, pathetic

They’re done like dinner.


  1. Warren,

    MRG cites “party turmoil”? She ain’t seen nothing yet: just wait until the CPC leader potentially royally blows the next election — a third CPC leader in a row…

    Now, THAT’S the dream scenario for party turmoil.

  2. Ron Benn says:

    RO’D, perhaps that is what MRG is waiting for. A 4th CPC leadership campaign in half a decade.

  3. R. Marut says:

    Humbug. Will take patriot cattiness to liberal insanity any day. Look on the bright side:

    Roe and PP join dodo, T-rex and Stalin.
    Clarence Thomas: same-sex marriage next to bite.
    International sports bodies flame trans delirium. You go, girl!
    Fascist midget mafioso Putin now another week closer to dead.
    Alleged POTUS and confirmed geriatric moron Biden flashes reminder cards telling him when he is allowed to take a shit.
    Public noticing that RCMP sleaze proves Justin Trudeau less ethical than a bucket of pig slop.
    338Canada has Poilievre’s gang up a couple, tied in seat projection.

    Pretty good run ahead of C-Day/4oJ.

  4. Steve Maudsley says:

    I disagree, Warren. There are a lot of people like me who will vote UCP to prevent an NDP victory.

  5. Miles Lunn says:

    I agree and I have said repeatedly on twitter Notley is going to win next year. Many don’t believe me because Alberta always votes Conservative. But that doesn’t mean they support far right anti-science types. Yes if another moderate like Schulz pulls off an upset maybe. But most likely Danielle Smith is next leader and she is crazy. And yes Notley will beat her.

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