06.13.2022 07:32 PM

Unpublished TV: who will lead the Tories?

Link here.


  1. Gyor says:

    The Tories need a Bar Stool Conservitive like Sagaar Enjeti.

  2. Miles Lunn says:

    Probably Poilievre unfortunately which will just help ensure Liberals get re-elected. Seriously, do people not see how big a turn off this guy is to anyone outside base. He is going at riling up base I get that, but do those supporting him not realize how big a turn off he is to rest of us. He is Canada’s version of tea party in US and even in US this is controversial where you have far more open to that type of politics than here. People may be tired of the excesses of Trudeau government, but libertarianism (which he is) is not a vote winner.

  3. PJH says:

    I have to say how refreshing it is to listen to six articulate, intelligent pundits/scribes with a moderator who asked succinct questions, who shared the questions fairly, and who then took time to listen to the answers to said questions. I would hope we could have such a moderator if there is another Anglo debate. Best line of program: “Axis of Weasels”……natch…..

  4. R. Marut says:

    It won’t be Patrick Brown. He’ll back out and “release” his 5,000 or so rubes before the Party drops the real numbers, then go for the only thing his elephantine ego reckons is a cinch, viz. re-election as mayor of Bland Acres. Fat chance for that either, cuz his repute as chronic dissembler is now abroad. By the Fall he’ll be honcho of Zilchville, and off the radar for good. His sundry cronies will then have to pay their own way through life. Should PP display the requisite gonads, Brown will also be expelled from the Tories outright along with that overblown premier opportunist guy. Ditto for the Davos-kissers on National Council.

    • R.,

      I will veer off topic a bit in preparing this comment but rest assured that this will be a frank and honest answer: first off, the leadership race is already over and Pierre has won it, at worst on the second ballot. Charest should already know why he lost, i.e. because of his lousy strategists.

      Pierre is fortunate to be one of the most intelligent persons in caucus and the party. But he makes a serious error when he equates strategic intelligence and organizational ability with outright intelligence. Frankly, he has very little strategic insight and ability nor does he have top organizational skills. If he had either, none of his present strategists would be playing an important, much less paramount role in his campaign. But he actually thinks he has those abilities when clearly he does not.

      If he DID, he would be like Lincoln: Lincoln detested Stanton, Seward and so many others but he viewed them as equals and therefore put them in cabinet.

      Pierre does not leave me with the impression that he’s the next Lincoln. Far from it, he’s more JFK, you know, don’t get mad, get even, although he seems to be planning for both, getting mad and then getting even.

      If I’m right, he does not want either Charest or Brown to run under his banner nor is he likely to sign their nomination papers. If I’m right, he prefers to piss right back into the tent rather than enlarge it for the general. Like I said, no strategic abilities, period.

      On the last KinsellaCast, Warren gave the first part of the story and I’ll add a second: successful PMs behaved like Lincoln. Trudeau and Turner detested each other, Turner detested Chrétien and vice-versa, and it was the same between Chrétien and Martin. But each PM was smart enough to give them senior cabinet portfolios.

      Part Two goes like this: Turner undermined Trudeau, Chrétien undermined Turner and Martin undermined Chrétien. Same thing with Mulroney undermining Clark. In short, what went around inevitably came back around for each one of them and their teams.

      So…the lesson is if Pierre fucks either or both Charest or Brown, political karma will make damned sure that he never becomes prime minister.

      Note that if Pierre laughs off this comment, he’s already politically doomed come the election. He’ll have two Trojan Horses to deal with before the election, both unauthorized by either Charest or Brown but coming out of their campaigns or teams if they themselves are not CPC candidates. And then leaks will flow like a sieve and politically finish Pierre off, either before the election or during the campaign. Remember Pierre, you read it here first.

  5. Gilbert says:

    Pierre Poilievre is in an excellent position to win He’s exactly what Canada needs- a person who cares about ordinary Canadians, who is intelligent and articulate, and who can expose the absolute incompetence of the PM.

    • Gilbert,

      I would put it to you that Scheer and O’Toole both won the consolation prize: the popular vote but each was massively rejected right where the votes count the most. O’Toole lost for pretending to be one thing for some people while actually being another for most people. Scheer lost the country by not pretending to be anything other than who he is. Scheer lost as the genuine article: a staunch Roman Catholic who happened to be a confirmed social-conservative. That brings me to the equally authentic Poilièvre: with Pierre, what you see is what you get, period. Trouble is, the country is likely not going to buy what he’s selling, preferring instead to keep a serial performer and unauthentic phoney in the big chair. And yes, Pierre will also surely get the consolation prize. I’ll personally hand him a gold star, if that can help after he “wins” by losing the election. Like Erin, Pierre is quite deliberately choosing to run on the wrong issues, and will end up with the same highly predictable results. But then, what do I know…

    • Derek Pearce says:

      Everyone can already see the incompetence of the PM and guess what? They’d rather stick with familiar incompetence than the unknown of convoy-loving bitcoin-hawking batshit-crazy PP. That’s how depressing our politics has become.

  6. R. Marut says:

    I may have to shorten my estimates of PB’s timeline to obscurity.

    The Globe and Mail: “Conservatives investigating allegations of membership irregularities by Patrick Brown campaign”

    The Pointer: “Facing investigations, Patrick Brown and four Brampton councillors fail to show up for Council meeting, shutting down City”

  7. Gilbert says:

    Andrew Scheer lost votes because of the abortion issue. There’s no doubt about that. I don’t think the same will happen with Pierre Poilievre for two reasons. One is that he’s made it clear he won’t make any changes to abortion and another is that if the media attacks him over the issue, I’m sure he’ll point out it’s a predictable attack and remind voters it’s merely an attempt by the media that has accepted millions from the federal government to distract from the real issues.

    Another reason that I attack Pierre Poilievre will do well is that he’s good with social media. He knows how to get out his message and won’t rely on the traditional media to do it.

    I’m surprised that Justin Trudeau got re-elected, but I really think voters are now very tired of him. He’s shown he’s very intolerant of those with views different from his own, and it’s clear that he only cares about the elites. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he doesn’t want to have an election for a few more years.

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