07.18.2022 12:48 PM

Also: my guy, Biden, now looks weak


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    Doug says:

    Maybe Americans (and the electorates of other countries) care more about inflation, debt and jobs? I’m sure many people care about issues like gun control and abortion, but view politicians as both incapable of moving the needle, and more interested in weaponizing them into wedges. The political classes around the world continue to set the stage for continued populist victories.

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    PJH says:

    I think everyone is simply too exhausted to care….covid, inflation, war in Ukraine, extreme weather around the world almost a daily occurrence, everyone is simply waiting for the other shoe to drop…..The only people I see to be taking some pleasure in current events are End-Timers…..

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    Ronald James O'Dowd says:


    Yup, we Dems need a Stacey Abrams national turnout miracle otherwise…

    Inflation and the economy are consistently either number one or two in most recent polls. In some, climate is even ahead of abortion rights.

    This fall is going to be incredibly painful, up and down the legislative ticket.

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    Ronald James O'Dowd says:

    But then Biden did this to himself when he renominated Powell, who is long behind the curve and far too dovish.

    As the story goes: inflation is always, ALWAYS, only a monetary phenomenon.

    Too bad Volcker is long a stiff.

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    Sean says:

    National elections aren’t about solving problems anymore. They are only about revenge agendas played out through gotcha moments on Twitter / Facebook.

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    EsterHazyWasALoser says:

    Governments at the federal level bungled the Covid pandemic, with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, public trust was lost, and more than a few people have either lost faith in the abilities of elected officials to do their jobs properly, or have decided to actively oppose those politicians and their bureaucrats. In America, I think we will see more independence at the state level, reflecting the general polarization of the country.

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    EsterHazyWasALoser says:

    With respect to President Biden, the recent trip to Saudi Arabia didn’t help.

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    william shakesfeare says:

    Biden is done because he brought a fainting couch to a gunfight when he installed Garland as AG to slow-walk accountability for Trump past the midterms.
    When you learn who is working for Garland you’ll blow a gasket.
    Sarah Kendzior has been warning and writing about this for years. Every prediction she’s made has come true.
    Of course, she’s been threatened for her views but won’t quit. If you want to know what’s really going on check out her podcast Gaslit Nation.

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    Gord says:

    I agree with PJH – I think a lot of it can be explained by the fact that people are just mentally and physically beat down and exhausted by two years of pandemic, on top of six years of political chaos and outrage politics post-2016. Add to that the fact that the people that are most impacted by this (i.e. poor, immigrant and/or racialized women) are working ridiculous hours in the US just to keep their heads above water.

    I think frankly many people are just numb to it all. The question is whether rich white suburban women decide this is a red line for them in the midterms. If they vote based on gas prices and inflation, the Dems are toast.

    Ultimately the consequences for the anti-choicers are going to be economic. Hard to have a robust economy when you chase away all the high-skilled, educated, value-add, new-economy, middle- and upper-middle class folks with your theocratic social policies. Low taxes will only take you so far in attracting people and businesses if nobody wants to work there because you’ve turned it into Gilead.

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    Mark D says:

    Warren, when you look at the 2020 U.S. election results, basically two things happened:

    At the top of the ticket and in the two Georgia Senate races, Biden and the two Democrat candidates won, while Trump and the two GOP candidates lost. This gave the illusion of Democrats winning.

    The reality is that Democrats retained the House, but lost ground. While at state, county, and municipal levels, the Republicans actually beat the Democrats.

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