, 07.10.2022 02:22 PM

KINSELLACAST 218: Lilley, Mraz on a ho-hum week – with X and Psychedelic Furs!


  1. Dave says:

    Psychedelic Furs. Listened to them today on the way into work while driving a 1979 GMC square body. Good band.

  2. Lee Hill says:

    Good musical choices this week. You are mellowing as you get older because Exene Cervenka is batshit crazy these days (alas so is Moe Tucker, Morrissey, Eric Clapton and far too many others to mention, but hey at least they’re not running for office or used to write for The Spectator, but I digress), so remembering her, John Doe and Co. in their heyday is very forgiving of you. Psychedelic Furs are still fab even if Richard Butler looks like he’s just glad people remember who he is (Saw them live in 2018). Semper Fi as they say in the Marine Corps of my mind.

  3. Sean says:

    The idea of Marie Henein poking around the sleazy intricacies of a leadership contest is positively delicious…

    But I hope she is being paid well for this adventure….since…Warren is absolutely correct… Courts don’t want to touch this shit with a thousand foot poll in Canada.

    With the exception of financial stuff, it is well established that the internal goings on of political parties are untouchable in a Canadian court at any level.

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