, 07.25.2022 03:32 PM

KINSELLACAST 220: Lilley! Belanger! Mraz! Pinsent! Raging against machines and running the jewels!


  1. Warren,

    I’m dumbfounded to find out that Poilièvre will not do all of us the honour of his presence at the final debate. I say at least triple the non-participation fine to 150k. That should sufficiently concentrate the mind to get him there. Now all Conservatives see why he’s the wrong choice for leader and “prime minister”: this is a move just as arrogant as HimselfTM would pull and it shows utter contempt for the membership. You have no idea how glad I ranked him dead last on my ballot. How prescient of me.

    • Regrettably, Pierre will win the leadership and then massively get blown away in the election. Almost all of the membership already know this.

      • Well first off, is it even appropriate for Harper to endorse any candidate? In my book, a former prime minister should remain strictly neutral.

        But I guess Harper just couldn’t help himself given his well known dislike for Charest. Not exactly one of Harper’s finest or most honorable moments…

        • And what does it say about his strategic judgment? Surely he knows perfectly well that PP will inevitably blow us right out of the water in the next election? First Scheer, then O’Toole and NEXT Poilièvre. Count on it!

          Some strategist.

  2. Campbell and George H.W. Bush: too momentary polling wonders.

  3. Frankly, the Holy Father has denied that he has cancer or another serious illness. It’s my impression that he wants to apologize in Canada before his health likely takes a turn for the worse and perhaps in relatively short order.

  4. My God, you should see the comprehensive anti-abuse policies of all kinds that have been drawn up by the K of C — how can Hockey and Gymnastics Canada be any different in 2022?

  5. There’s no way that we’ll split in two as it would generate the Chrétien-effectTM in favour of the current Prime Minister and no Conservative is even remotely in favour of that.

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