, 08.14.2022 05:30 PM

KINSELLACAST 223: Lilley, Pierson, Mraz on Bees, Teenage Heads, and Politicos – plus Bodega, Paley Brothers & Drug Church


  1. Martin Dixon says:

    I think I may be blocked from posting because I made a crack about Biden so this may not go through. I did not know about the Teenage Head/Westdale connection. I have always thought Westdale’s claim to fame was x-c and track. So I pointed out to a friend of mine who is a grad of the school that I was not aware of the connection and he replied:

    “Oh yeah! They formed there.

    Gord Lewis grew up a couple blocks from where I live. I went to school with his son, who sounds to have killed him.


    Will have to watch that doc.

  2. Sean says:

    Happy 30th B’Day!

    4:40 Reminds me of that scene in Breaking Bad when Saul tells the murderous drug dealers to *smarten up and just pay their taxes​*. Leveraging small crimes to prosecute bigger ones. That is exactly what the FBI is doing.

    Love the music selections and the explanations. Feels like I’m learning something and thus becoming more hip with every podcast.

    14:50 – Bang on. This is why DF does so well.

    18:30 – yes Trudeau is a fighter but only when it doesn’t matter.

    24:00 Disagree with Lilley on the Hillary E-mails foolishness. Rep.s were in power for four years and did absolutely nothing about Hillary’s e-mails. Because there was nothing to do.

    44:00 “fingering NATO on the weekend” – that comment right there is why it is worth tuning into this podcast every week.

    47:00 onward – I don’t think the “protect our candidate from unfair prosecution” theme is going to be particularly effective. The soft middle of the electorate is always won by looking towards the *future*. If “keep Trump out of prison” is the campaign platform in 2022 mid terms and 2024 general – Dems are going to win by crushing, shattering, pounding, historically consequential pluralities.

    I’d like to hear Warren’s analysis on Merrick Garland’s performance. From a political / comms / legal perspective. IMHO that guy had the most gangster week of any of the characters involved.

  3. Warren,

    Why doesn’t Trump just save us all some time and simply sell photos of himself nailed to the cross. Such a monumental miscarriage of justice. Funny though that he’s got no intention of making public his copy of the warrant. As for not having his hands on the affidavit, I hope it drives him even more nuts than he is already.

  4. This is the Conservative Party of Canada in name-only. And almost all of the membership already know that. In fact, we’re still the Canadian Alliance — and that means Poilièvre wins maybe on the first ballot but definitely on the second. And then we lose our third election in a row unless the Trudeau Liberals either do something monumentally stupid or another scandal breaks mid-campaign. Short of that, PP is already done as dinner once he’s leader.

  5. From The New York Post:

    “Reactions to the raid were split along partisan lines, with 84% of Democrats saying they approved and only 15% of GOP voters saying the same. Among independents, 47% approved and 32% disapproved.”

    Translation: if Trump is the nominee, he very much likely loses to the Democratic nominee, unless that’s Biden. As much as it pains me, Trump can and could beat Biden if he [Biden] runs again.

    • Sean says:

      I don’t follow… Those numbers would indicate a Democratic victory if Biden is the nominee. A bigger one than last time.

      If 15% of Republicans believe their nominee belongs in jail and so do almost half of independents, Trump will lose no matter who runs.

      • Sean,

        These numbers are strictly limited to the search of Mar-a-Lago. I’m pie-in-the-sky extrapolating given Biden’s current presidential numbers that with independents in support of the search not over 50%, that does not portend well for Biden. But I could be dead wrong.

        • My God, a trip over to FiveThirtyEight is at the very least counterintuitive: Republicans are projected to likely win the House while failing in the Senate. One would have thought that with most of the kooks, cranks and misfits already holding House seats that Mitch and the relatively sane Senate Republicans would have had a clearly better shot at Senate control — but hey, it’s a mind boggling world when people like Vance and Hageman win while Oz loses. Bizzaro! You won’t see me calling the mid-terms not after this polling beaut. McCarthy as speaker? SEESH.

          • Mind you when Mitch and the gang voted as a block against the IRA, they burned their bridges with me. How they could be against Medicare finally negotiating drug prices in 2026 during these inflationary times was way beyond hypocritical. So fuck all of ’em.

          • Fox News is reporting that Democratic Senate candidates Fetterman, Kelly, Barnes and Warnock have all opened up leads in their races. Hope it holds all the way to November but given Republican money and their ability to be infinitely better liars, expect tightening at the very least. But even with a destroyed American economy and with inflation still rampant, the Dem lead is almost like a political miracle.

  6. Martin Dixon says:

    I think(and the polls are confirming it) that we are going to get a lot of the youth vote. That is the addition we are looking for. None of them know or care about what we old fogies talk about. Nor what is being said in the MSM. Hauling out an ex Dief aide to make the case we can’t win was laughable. And many of the old fogies ARE backing PP but, like T, just not telling anyone. There are a bunch of uncounted people out there. IMHO.

    • Martin,

      I tend to agree that Canadians what with our natural reserve may not necessarily be inclined to tell even some fellow CPC members that they are already locked in solid for PP. IF this is not fantasy, Poilièvre could quite conceivably even hit 60% or more on the first ballot. Unfortunately, only God know right now.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        I told anyone who would listen after Brexit to many guffaws that T had it in the bag. I knew there was a massive under count of T votes. I am basically a red tory who did not think it was unreasonable to vote for T in 2016 given the binary choice. But also knew that a reasonable person could not share that view without a lot of hassle. This feels like the same thing.

        • Martin,

          I was strongly for Hillary but the most qualified presidential candidate in recent memory, if not ever, had more baggage than Samsonite. What a shock it must have been for her to almost win with 3 million more votes than Trump only to lose because of the antiquated but nonetheless still legitimate electoral college. Talk about a major downer, almost as bad as all of Bill’s women.

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