09.11.2022 11:41 AM

Me on PPC Pierre


  1. Warren,

    It shows in spades that you’re a top war roomer. You’re giving the CPC a distinct preview of what lies ahead, at minimum, from the next Liberal war room.

    Poilièvre has remarkable confidence in his political abilities. Good, cause he’ll bloody well need it. My bet and it means nothing, is a spring election. The Trudeau Liberals will want a so-called improving economy when they go and they are not likely to get it by then IMHO but if they do…

    • Douglas W says:


      Justin will do what he’s told to do.

      Result: another Liberal minority government, or an epic trouncing: reminiscence of the Charge of the Light Brigade.

    • Miles Lunn says:

      Agreed attack ads will be like we’ve never seen before. And I suspect Liberals will not wait until writ is dropped, but will like Tories did to Dion and Ignatieff roll them out very soon. Also I suspect public sector unions much like with Working Families in Ontario will run their own before third party restrictions kick in. Poilievre unlike Ford is no friend of Labour or at least has not been in past.

      The only caveat is anger at establishment so strong it has opposite impact. In past usually Canadians even if don’t always like establishment tend to be risk averse and if they are freaking out, we tend to fall in line not because we believe Conservatives will do all those horrible things, but simply don’t want to take a chance even if low.

      But I get feeling anger at establishment is much stronger than past so it remains to seen whether people will behave as they have in past or if we entered an era much like US with Trump and UK with Brexit where more establishment attacks, more people think he must be onto something.

  2. Gilbert says:

    Pierre Poilievre is not perfect, but he doesn’t have a half-brother who claims he’s controlled and not running the country. He never said he admires China’s basic dictatorship, never said the Baltic nations are not a thing, never referred to Shinzo Abe as the prime minister of China and never said Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader. I know who I prefer.

  3. Steve T says:

    What you are saying reflects a thoughtful, rational electorate. Unfortunately, as Trump showed us in the U.S., you can’t always rely on that.

    If PP follows the standard political rules, and engages in debates/discussions in the media and with JT, it could be bad for him. And that’s saying a lot, given JT is a bloviating condescending corrupt mis-manager of this country who should be ripe for the picking.

    On the other hand, PP could go full-Trump and basically avoid any direct interactions with JT (except in Parliament, which no one really watches anyway). He could decline all invitations to debate, citing the alleged “bias”. He could basically detach himself from any situation that reflects poorly on him, and deliver his message directly – as Trump did.

    It shouldn’t work, but then again it shouldn’t have worked for Trump in 2016. Never underestimate the electorate’s ability to be logical, if they feel disenfranchised and there is someone telling them it’s not their fault.

  4. Miles Lunn says:

    If Liberals had a centrist competent leader like Chretien, Poilievre would get absolutely blown out of the water. I still think he will lose, but only reason he even has an outside chance is thanks to Trudeau being incompetent and abandoning the centre. Thatcher, Reagan, and Harris all won on small government platforms due to government screwing up every file it handled thus making the idea government is bad we need a lot less an easy sell.

    Canadians by nature are not small government types. Unlike US, most see government as a force of good and value many things it does. But this is predicated on government performing its functions well, not messing up on too many fronts.

    Poilievre is unfit to be PM and eminently beatable but Liberals need to start showing competence and quit screwing up all the time.

  5. Doug says:

    So basically recycling every Liberal campaign strategy since 1993, save 2008 and 2011 when the Conservative campaign focused on actual policy.

    But what do I know. I don’t support government being able to take on long term debt to fund operations, so accordingly to the Liberals, I am a racist.

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