09.21.2022 02:19 PM

My latest Sun Media hit: this is ridiculous. Even for me.


  1. Douglas W says:

    He continues to laugh at us.

  2. Peter Williams says:

    Justin singing and playing dress up?

    He’s using the only talents he has.

  3. Warren,

    Wow! Wasn’t expecting at all this polling trend: CPC ahead.

    Abacus: +5
    EKOS: +2
    Nanos: +3
    Léger: +6

    So far, so good.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      I was. Youth and NDP vote. And I still think his supporters are being underpolled. Still not yet the thing you want to say in polite company. Brad Lavigne was warning his fellow NDPers about this for weeks. NDP is now paying attention and running ads against him. Now the rest of us need to stop focusing on the media lie that he is catering to the far right and PPC votes, dismiss it when it rears its ridiculous head and get on board.

      • Martin,

        I’m watching for subtle pragmatic shifts in previous positions without going to the length that O’Toole did, you know, going all the way from white to black. That wouldn’t be authentic if Polièvre did an O’Toole. I agree that focusing on the far-right is political suicide so PP definitely won’t be focusing his campaign in that direction. That would be way beyond stupid.

      • Martin,

        Looks like a outlier to me. Way too high, too soon. But it does demonstrate that JustinFatigueTM has finally firmly and perhaps irrevocably taken root. What I will be looking for is solid confirmation of a trend across a panoply of polls.

        So…this looks like solid confirmation of your thesis that PP’s CPC polling numbers are likely under confirmed in the polls. Well done.

        • Meanwhile in Quebec, the same thing seems to be happening to the PCQ. That would make Éric Duhaime OLO leader and if the wave breaks right, he has an outside chance of ending up premier on October 3rd.

          • Douglas W says:

            After the Quebec vote, the federal Conservatives will have plenty of defeated PCQ candidates to consider for their federal riding nominations.

            Name recognition is huge in elections, and the PCQ may turn into a valuable farm system for the federal Conservatives.

  4. I guess when people said that Pierre would really shine in QP, they weren’t mistaken. I hope he moves past the vaccine and trucker irritants. His focus on the economy and inflation is definitely where the votes that are up for grabs are. No question about that.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      He and his team also showed up for Friday QP. No one does that. Now, it is easy for him because he is in Ottawa but so are many of the liberals. Say what you will about the guy, he will not lose because someone out works him. Kind of like Patrick Brown. I have seen pics of some of his assistants and they look like Patrick’s when he saved the provincial Tories from bankruptcy. White faced and exhausted trying to keep up. Not sure if this is public but this was a 50k night. Patrick still doesn’t get enough credit for that effort(he actually gets none that I can see).


      As someone said in one of the comments, it looks like someone is getting made.

      • Martin,

        I can’t disagree with your comments about Brown. I think in time Pierre, Patrick and Jean will actually get past the self-evident, at minimum, personal animosity. I expect Poilièvre to send personal emissaries in each of their directions, eventually.

        Frankly, those two absolutely need to be in a future CPC cabinet to truly heal the party and govern effectively with hopefully a majority.

  5. Warren,

    So much for obvious intelligence: this Prime Minister said because of Fiona, he won’t be going to the state funeral in Japan. Too bad no one was thoughtful enough in his inner circle to actually clue him in to whose funeral he will not be going to…sheesh.

  6. It comes on the heels of the London beaut where he commented on the death of Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace without thinking it important enough to reflexively make the same statement in French…pas un flashlight comme on dit au Québec.

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