09.13.2022 07:34 AM

Tune in! Me and other folks on CPC leadership stuff


  1. Warren,

    This was fun: I partly agree that authenticity is key to winning and with PP, you positively know what you get and that’s what you’ll get if he wins. But in Canada you have to caveat that even in data driven campaigns: a 100% authentic candidate will either win big or lose massively — it’s the impression left with Canadians and especially the voting public of that individual that will either win or lose the day. So war rooms are critical in shaping the outcome. Contrast a Chrétien war room with that of say, Wynne. People don’t really pay massive attention in campaigns UNTIL they decide almost collectively that they hate your fucking guts. And that’s where a war room à la Kinsella will shine spectacularly regardless of any series of data points.

  2. As for the States, start by divorcing Biden from the analysis as he and his numbers are largely irrelevant for 22. My sense is that it will no longer be a rout for Democrats but what are the top three or even five issues? If abortion rights hits the mark consistently across most States, it will unfold as Warren predicts. But if it’s more hit or miss– or unevenly concentrated as an issue across the general geographic mass, then Republicans are in for a very good night. I have a feeling how it will go but I won’t predict a national end result based only on that. So, who really knows.

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