, 10.02.2022 10:41 AM

KINSELLACAST 230: Mraz! Lilley! Pierson! Politics and war – plus Thick, The Upset, The Courtneys and Potty Mouth!


  1. Martin Dixon says:

    The Courtneys track great. Had one from a few months ago but this one way better.

  2. Warren,

    I would never question the music! I just sit in front of my desktop and then slightly adjust the volume accordingly when the tracks come on. But I always listen to the tunes straight through to see what floats your boat musically. Please never tone anything down. This is your podcast.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      When a good track comes on, I stop the podcast and try to find the track. Shazam identified the Courtneys track as Glitbiter. Went through all her stuff. Nope. So downloaded another music identifier app called Soundhound which worked. Some things are more important than politics.

  3. Let’s be frank, Harper allowed backbenchers to bring forward anti-abortion legislation and made damned sure ahead of time that cabinet ministers had to vote against those pieces of legislation or get the heave-ho from cabinet.

    As for his conversion on abortion: my sense of it is that his wife educated him on the matter. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      I had a conversation with a couple of retired MPs today that pretty well couldn’t stand PP but have come around(a precursor of things to come) and we basically agreed that if the Liberals are already going to drop the abortion card, that is a good thing. It is a sign of desperation. PP is supposed to be Harper’s boy and if you believed the hysterical media, if you gave Harper a dreaded majority, we would be living in Gilead. After a 4 year majority, the death penalty never got revisited, a women’s right to choose is alive and well(and just for the record, why are Biden and JT allowed to “evolve” and PP can’t) and the CBC was still around.

      The youth and the people who can’t afford to eat do not think of PP as far right. He is a conservative like Pierson described.

      As far as the convoy goes. There are more libertarians out there than people think. I am fully vaxxed and following all guidelines but have 100 per cent sympathy for someone who doesn’t want to be told what to do with their body. Isn’t that the pro choice argument?

      • Martin,

        I remain at war with anti-vaxxers, period. The point of vaccination is to reduce the risk of contraction and hopefully shield family, friends or even strangers from exposure. In short, we give a damn about others and that’s why we’re vaccinated. Sure, we can be vaxxed and pass it on but that is beside the point. By being vaxxed, we tried to reduce those odds as much as is humanly and medically possible.

        Anri-vaxxers are textbook narcissists and egotists: they won’t lift a finger to reduce possible accidental exposure to loved ones or strangers. In short, by their conduct they couldn’t care less who they expose or who dies thanks to their unvaccinated status. In my book, they can all go fuck themselves. God is watching and if they infect and kill someone they’ll pay dearly or in spades in the end.

      • Women choosing to do what they will with their bodies has no chance of infecting third parties or killing them. That’s the obvious difference.

        • Martin Dixon says:

          I get all of that but there are many more libertarians out there on the issue than you think. I am talking about the political argument.

  4. Yes it happened with Ignatieff but the CPC did an effective number on him.

  5. I can’t help but wonder whether a plurality or even a majority of Russians view this war as illegitimate as they did with the Czarist intervention in WWI. Seemingly, this is an obvious parallel where East Slav brothers are set against brothers. It would be like Russians attacking Serbs.

    So many Russians are likely fighting without their hearts being into it. Is it more by rote than anything else?

  6. Meanwhile, for fellow nerds, tomorrow is the unscheduled emergency meeting of The Federal Reserve in an attempt to counter the freeze up of bank to bank credit markets. The Fed will bail out money centre and investment banks to the tune of billions per night in an attempt to prevent bank failures. Just think back to 2008. The banks have done it again…let them go under this time. Please.

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