, 11.20.2022 03:44 PM

KINSELLACAST 237: From London to Stockholm! Mraz, Lilley and Sham 69!


  1. Warren,

    Fossil fuels are not supposed to be forever, but they are. In practical terms, citizens and residents want low-cost fuel and that backseats the environment, for worse or much worse.

  2. Musk…this invitation to return is just another threat to social order and the political status quo, precarious as it already is. Musk knows that perfectly well, except…

  3. I’m of two minds where Biden’s concerned: were we in peacetime, I would cut Joe more slack and not be adverse to a second term.

    But these being exceedingly dangerous times, the risk of having a president in his eighties in office is exceedingly high, were he to suddenly drop dead or worse yet, suddenly and unexpectedly become either physically or mentally incapacitated as we move closer to war in this decade. That level of risk should be unacceptable to the American people and to Biden himself. But as in all things, family and more specifically, Jill, will call the tune. Translation: Biden is out. He just doesn’t know it yet.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      I think he is already mentally incapacitated. It’s elder abuse what is going on down there. Let’s hope Mrs. Biden wins the day.

  4. That’s the thing about politics once a serious case of Monday morning quarterback sets in: what originally looked like the thing to do and was widely popular among a plurality of Canadians, suddenly and quite unexpectedly fails the smell test in hindsight vis-à-vis the EA’s implementation and application. Process is killing the government’s previous credibility on this. I wonder who has more egg on their faces, the police, the PMO or the Prime Minister himself? Sounds like a toss up to me.

  5. Martin Dixon says:

    As far as the view of the conservatives and JT’s conversation with the Chinese, my problem with it was that he looked like he was WAY over his head and how does he reconcile challenging him on election interference when he is telling the Canadian public he had not been briefed on the issue? If that is the case, he had nothing to challenge him on or he was lying to us. Oh wait…..

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