, 12.18.2022 11:26 AM

KINSELLACAST 241: Mraz, Adler, Kheiriddin on 2022 – plus Flatliners and Strike Anywhere!


  1. Martin Dixon says:

    Ha ha ha ha. I had to back it up to make sure I heard it right. Skinny T. Exactly right. Been saying that for years. And his followers are basically maga types of the left. Blindly voting for their team. And before anyone says the alternative is worse, vote NDP like Coyne did and I would have if the ballot would have been ranked. Not many Liz Cheneys in the Liberal party up here.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Oh and the Flatliners track was great. And I think you actually underestimate how much of a happy warrior PP is. I will take that over smug condescension from someone who is in no position to lecture anyone about anything any day of the week.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Ha-laughing again. After the posts this morning, I had to listen to it again. I think of JT as Skinny T because of how he won and how he continues to govern. Divide everyone. Must have been still rocking to the Flatliners.

  2. Warren,

    Why would the PMO expend concerted and informed knowledge-based effort on this when just winging it with the minimum amount of effort as is humanly possible has always been their trademark? In short, it’s called TypicalJustinStyleAndEffortTM.

  3. Demonic leaders positively love the shedding of blood, both of their opposition’s forces and even their own. So ending a war is not on their priority list. In fact, their inevitable descent into mental illness almost insures that they will find a way either directly or indirectly to expand this war. So…this war will get enlarged sooner rather than later and the demon seeds of this world will ultimately and inevitably pay the price both personally and collectively. Count on it. Their fate is, at best, deferred for now.

  4. Remember what happened to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats? Jagmeet Singh is about to learn that lesson the hard way in the next election.

  5. What do Scheer and O’Toole have in common? They lost even if they both were ahead in the popular vote. But why did they lose? To ask the question is to answer it.

  6. Pierre needs to further connect with voters. The more he shows the real PP, the one who interacts with Anaida and his family, the better he and the party will do on the campaign trail. If he goes into PP warrior mode, then winning over the undecided and new voters who previously did not vote CPC will be a tougher haul.

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