01.03.2023 08:16 PM

Another video: who’ll win?


  1. PJH says:

    I’ll take M Trudeau for the win, Mr Kinsella.

    Many Canadians feel M. Trudeau is a dope, but he’s our dope…..better hair too…..

    Canadians won’t go for Trump-lite, along with an unfortunate grooming practice, and a voice reminiscent of a strident harpy. Plays well to the Refoorm/Trucker crowd in the Grand Prairie……not so much in the urban centre’s of this great country of ours, of course where the seats are. Is a turn off for women voters. Result?….,another majority gov’t for the Dauphin.

    Nay, the Conservatives last great hope will be Mr. Peter MacKay a year or two hence, after M. Poilievre resigns on election night.

    Yer welcome.

    • PJH,

      As you know, I supported MacKay previously. I don’t see how MacKay, or any other Conservative centrist, would want to take a run at this in the future. Charest (whom I also supported) lost, and it wasn’t even close. I don’t see MacKay wasting his time one more time. Why? Because the membership, or at least a majority of the members are far too true conservative to choose a Conservative centrist as leader. Not now, not even after ten election losses, if that happens.

      • PJH says:

        I would hope the Refooorm brain trust will reconsider after another election loss……though I suspect we could become another NDP like institution…….never win elections, but we stand firm in our principles(occasionally)!!!

        Keep the dream alive, Mr. O’Dowd!….:)

    • Doug says:

      Maybe I’m viewing a different video. Polievre’s videos actually have content. If allegedly sophisticated urban voters aren’t into discussions of actual issues instead of lazy comparisons to unpopular ideas or personas, no wonder Canada has some of the highest debt levels and lowest economic growth in the OECD.

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