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KINSELLACAST 243: Time’s up TikTok (and 2022) – with Mraz, Adler, Lilley, Kheiriddin, Belanger! Plus: AJJ, Fake Names, Melted


  1. Warren,

    What an eye-opener it must be for the company to discover that various governments are going TickTock over TikTok.

  2. Warren,

    I have come to believe that we’re in a steady but slow and almost inevitable motion drift toward an enlarged war. Defensive circumstances require an ongoing and ever-increasing resupply of Ukraine with ever more effective “defensive” weaponry. That leaves Putin with only two distasteful alternatives: end this war and eventually face the consequences in The Hague, or widen the war in a foolhardy attempt to gain offensive momentum required to ultimately win on the battlefield. Kyiv is the new outskirts of Moscow, as Putin and his entourage will discover much to their collective horror.

  3. Somehow I can manage to string Peterson, naive and unbelievable gullibility in the same sentence.

  4. Warren,

    This Prime Minister is at least 90% ego. The Liberal war room will look for perceived almost fatal weakness in Conservative ranks. IF that happens, they will go sooner rather than later with Trudeau definitely at the helm. IMHO, they won’t wait until 2024.

  5. The NDP is very badly in need of ministerial experience. Especially the leader. Singh has blown it as a junior coalition partner. The NDP should have insisted on cabinet seats for their support. He didn’t and so the NDP will remain the short pants party in Canadian politics. Jagmeet’s judgment and political savvy are not worth two shits.

  6. Martin Dixon says:

    Was hoping Morneau would be brought up. When they got him as a candidate and made him finance minister, I was actually optimistic we might have a Paul Martin on our hands. Was I wrong. Knew it the second the Liberals overturned the increase of the age of eligibility for OAS to 67 that Harper brought in and which Morneau agreed with and even wrote about it when he was in the private sector. And I guess he is not a fan of PP and wishes people were more like Raitt. The Liberals threw everything they could at Raitt to get rid of her and were successful with that Ken doll guy. So not sure where Raitt’s approach gets you. PP’s dismantling of people like Morneau and hypocrite Carney during hearings was gold and deserved. I don’t imagine Carney a fan either. Badges of honour!

    • Sean says:

      Bill Morneau sat through Khanscam, Lavscam, Wescam and Blackface X 3 that we know about…and… as the most powerful member of cabinet…. he just shrugged and said this is all fine. Bill Morneau was no Finance Minister…. no Paul Martin…. and not a Liberal by any standard.

  7. Sean says:

    Enjoyed the discussion re. the physiology of the leaders and how that works on T.V.. 100% bang on. No one wants to admit it…. because it’s true.

    Re. Poilievre’s #s compared to O’Toole, Scheer and Harper…. I’ll never understand the impetus to dump a leader immediately after losing only one election. Do people not understand that the party just spent, literally, tens of millions of dollars making the guy well known? The only way to get value out of that money is to run them again. And history shows, rather consistently, that running the same guy again is a very successful strategy. Politics is all about moving from one moment to the next and getting too hung up about a single loss, a small moment in political time, is ridiculous.

    The sound quality in these episodes is excellent, especially in the restaurant segments. I feel like I want to order something. I think Warren has a sponsorship opportunity with the tech he is using.

  8. Martin Dixon says:

    Wow-just listening to PP’s indictment of McKinsey. They were intertwined in the whole Enron fiasco and yet they survive and thrive with government contracts while the powers that be put a 28,000 person firm(Arthur Anderson) out of business. They deserved to have consequences but not the death penalty.

    • Martin,

      That’s what happens when your “donations” aren’t large enough or not “timely”.

      Sort of reminds me of the Beauport Deep Water Container Terminal vs. the greasing capable clique in Montreal. Guess which way YouKnowWho went? (You won’t need more than one guess.) What a coincidence…

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Ronald-The swamp is alive and well and still needs to be drained I see. It is unfortunate that the “wrong” people have hijacked that term as recently as last week in the House leadership fight. Doesn’t mean they are wrong. Some agent of the PMO office tried to trip up PP with a question about the public service. He handled it well much to the chagrin of the MSM guy, likely. They need to be dealt with. PP just can’t say it out loud and let’s hope he has a secret agenda. Their recent attempts not to show up at work a couple of days a week is the latest reason(and they can no longer be considered as non-partisan after their ridiculous standing O for the PM when he was elected). One is not necessarily some sort of technocrat fascist just because your expectations include showing your face at the office a couple of days a week. PP’s presser below. Forgot to check and see if he has taken any advice on his hairstyle or delivery. Will leave to others who are into that sort of thing:


        Nothing about this on P and P that I noticed but they were spending a bunch of time talking to actual current serious person Anand and her futile attempts to put some lipstick on the F35 pig:


        Somewhere Harper is smiling. Maybe we would be sending more than blankets and silly “I’m With Ukraine” videos to Ukraine now.

        And on the donation front, I was doing my end of year charitable and political donations and I used the Elections Canada and Ontario sites to see how much I have donated since my friend announced his candidacy in 2005. Left the province alone until 2014 because Levac was a friend and we don’t do politics that way in Brantford(others should take a cue) but Wynne went so far to the left that year, I had no choice but to jump in. Anyway, I see I either need to up my game or ask for considerations other than getting rid of embarrassments like out current PM.

        • Martin,

          I disagree with MacKay’s favorable CF-35 take. He and others seriously need to explore the Australian “experience”. This thing will bleed money for decades and decades to come. I want to go much further but possible American libel chill has rendered me prudent, to quote GHWB.

          • Martin Dixon says:

            P and P still talking abut the fact that the public service is still upset about showing up for work a couple of days a week. 90 per cent want to keep working from home and 80 per cent will take job action to keep that “right”. Please do it! Please! Please!

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Behind a pay wall but Conrad’s view on our oversight people in the NP today is worth a read. Won’t weigh in because I just got a three year extension on our alleged retirement date so I don’t want to risk going the way of Peterson. Suffice it to say he agrees on my view on Arthur Anderson.

  9. Warren,

    Oh Jesus. First, 6 year old shoots teacher and now brother stabs other brother to death while parents are asleep. God must quite simply loathe the United States of America.

  10. EsterHazyWasALoser says:

    This is hands down the best podcast going with respect to Canadian politics (particularly the Federal scene). Thanks Mr Kinsella for your efforts – they are appreciated. I look forward every Sunday evening to settling down and listening. As far as Dr Peterson is concerned, this is just what he needed. It will be catnip for his adherents, and feed right into their animosity towards the woke/deep state. My personal attitude towards the good doctor is the same one I have for any public prognosticator: if you don’t like what they are saying, you can always listen to somebody else! I would note in passing the a certain professional tattle-tail-cum-journalist has been a provocateur in this sordid matter. As far as polling and the percentages that certain politicians have received, the sad face of our current system is that if you can get 40% of the popular vote, you will most likely form government. The way the vote splitting works in the eastern half of the country, the Liberals will almost always win enough seats to at least get a minority. I note the current firearms bill has split the NDP caucus between the urban dippers and the rural ones. No doubt this is not a coincidence. Mr Singh appears as ineffectual as usual.

  11. Martin Dixon says:

    CRA staff now threatening to go on strike. Who actually advises these people from a PR standpoint? I am in the business and will say, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And still with the showing up at the office business. The mind boggles. Sorry, but people will not march for rights of tax auditors. They just won’t.

    • Martin,

      Working remotely (à distance) has all the appeal of the first and last innings of a cocaine hit: they don’t want to get off that high. No gas bills. No traffic delays. No boss, possibly in your face.

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