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Politics: another video hit!


  1. Warren,

    No news to you, both Scheer and O’Toole opened up polling leads either before an election was called or during a campaign. And guess what happened after that? So, Poilièvre has to keep this lead and hold it all the way to election day, whenever it may come. Can he do it? Maybe.

  2. Harper had permanent hair that looked like it was cemented in place. Not a lock out of place, ever.

  3. An election in 2023? Imagine having to check with two women before you get the OK to go ahead and drop the writ.

  4. Pedant says:

    Warren I respectfully disagree with you about Poilievre changing his clothes or playing baseball etc to look more casual. Come on, if he did that the media would spend two weeks shrieking about him being a phoney, and in that one instance they’d probably be right.

    I think he should continue doing exactly what he’s been doing. Speak clearly and frankly to Canadians, meet as many as possible, always take the side of ordinary citizens (especially taxpayers) over Davos, expose the Liberal addiction to corruption. The Liberals are at a loss how to successfully counter him so far. They’re STILL talking about the Bitcoin stuff from a year ago and parroting a bunch of dodgy surveys from US and European publications claiming Canada is the bestest most awesomest place in the universe.

    • Pedant,

      What strategy would you suggest the leader use to specifically successfully target women, who as you no doubt already know are more often than not either Liberal-leaning or social-democrats (NDP supporters). Obviously, if Poilièvre makes substantial inroads with this demographic, he greatly improves his chances of forming a government, majority or otherwise. Surely, this will be a top strategic priority for him and his team.

      • Pedant says:

        Perhaps I’m naive but I don’t think he needs to do anything to specifically to appeal to women, or men, or any other group. Just keep talking about kitchen-table issues and always take the side of the working class and ordinary Canadians on every single issue.

        Btw did you catch Susan Delacourt’s latest “interview” with Trudeau for the Star? In it, he compares Poilievre’s comments about broken government services and policies to white supremacy. This kind of rhetoric from Trudeau reeks of desperation.

        • Martin Dixon says:

          Classic Toronto Daily Star fawning nonsense. That is clearly a woman who is still getting swept off her feet and the bloom is still on the rose.

        • Pedant,

          This Prime Minister is the most intellectually unfit person who has ever occupied the job. This guy is way beyond disingenuous. Some people are habitual liars and phoneys and to my astonishment, they takes great pride in continuing to act that way. That precious item on the front benches positively deserve each other. They’re the most inept and incompetent pair in politics. They’re truly made for each other.

          Now you know why it’s Chrystia who is at the WEF. Those people are way above this PM’s so-called political ability. Thankfully, this year her presence there will save us the usual high level of embarrassment.

          • Martin Dixon says:

            Yes. She fits right in but that is not a good thing. Think Groucho Marx and his line: “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.”

        • Pedant,

          I hope you will join me in urging PP to review the Scheer and O’Toole postmortems that were conducted by the party. I’m hoping there’s something in there that will show the way forward for the leader, where he and and the rest of us can get the maximum return for our political buck.

          If Pierre doesn’t want to do microtargeting, then it’s his call and decision to make. I’m for this as well as Dick Morris’ triangulation strategy but hey, it’s not for me to decide how the party or caucus move forward.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Agree on the what the media would do if PP tried that. Think Stanfield, Gerald Ford, Stockwell Day, etc. He looks and talks like a nerd and being a nerd is no longer the problem it used to be. And he knows it and is in on the joke. That is critical. He is way more self aware than the current PM.

      I cringe when I hear the words majority and PP in the same sentence. That kind of talk will send the horrified media to the ramparts.

      I just refuse to believe that JT is still sweeping women off their feet. The bloom has to be off that rose and that is really all he had going for him for any thinking woman.

      • Derek Pearce says:

        Women don’t want to marry Trudeau, they are making a calculation that he’s more tolerable to their interests (though irritating) over PP being intolerable to their interests (though also irritating).

        • Martin Dixon says:

          But where is the tipping point. That sounds like the Trump defence. And, Ronald, my comments were not meant to sound sexist. That is not in my nature. Far from it. My firm is slowly being taken over by women. We were talking about women voters but my comment could have been about all thinking voters. And the bottom line is that many did vote for him because he was PET’s son and attractive. That is NOT a thinking vote and if that sounds condescending, I am fine with that characterization because it is deserved. I didn’t vote for him but said to friends I would give him a chance despite all my best instincts that he should not have been in the position. That was confirmed when he acted like an immature baby and committed assault in the HOC a few months into his first mandate. Of course, things got much worse after that. Vote NDP for crying out loud if you think PP’s hair is irritating(a strange fixation some have).

      • Pedant says:

        Depends on the age cohort. Trudeau is still rapturously popular among elderly wealthy women in the big cities who have been enriched by the housing bubble inflated by this government. Younger women under 40 have shifted away from the Liberals, mostly to the NDP but some to the Conservatives. Meanwhile, men under 50 have shifted massively to the CPC. Polling by Ekos and Mainstreet have demonstrated this.

        • Martin Dixon says:

          Yes-like I keep saying-the dirty little secret. I have done fine in the last 7 years but it was not worth the price.

  5. Martin,

    “I just refuse to believe that JT is still sweeping women off their feet. The bloom has to be off that rose and that is really all he had going for him for any thinking woman.”

    First off and with respect, I don’t like the use of the term thinking woman. It is, at the very least, condescending and at most sexist. So I would never want to use that type of language.

    Political decisions and policy that flows from that is not a world where aspirational presumptions, assumptions or conclusions are likely to thrive. That’s the main point. That is the world that the Scheer and O’Toole political “strategic brain trusts” inhabited and we all know what unpleasant events ultimately came from that. Our job in this party now is to make damned sure that Poilièvre doesn’t becomes the next Scheer or O’Toole. In other words, a third loser as leader.

    We will have an opportunity in Quebec City this fall to shape party policy in a way that will target like a laser beam a very specific demographic: single-wage-earner households headed by a woman. Liberals don’t win with women because of Trudeau’s bedroom eyes or any other such nonsense. They win repeatedly because of very specific targeted policy that is aimed at improving the lot of single-parent households, which are primarily headed by women. Put another way, our policies must deal with this subset or we will become largely irrelevant in political terms in at least central Canada. So, Conservatives policy-wise need to think out of the box, something with which our party has little experience, or seemingly at present, an inclination to provide. If we do that then we more than likely win. If we don’t, we’ll lose almost for sure, regardless whether Trudeau, or the Easter Bunny, is Liberal leader when the election finally comes.

  6. Warren,

    And for those who are wondering why Ardern resigned? Quite simply, because she is neither a narcissist nor an egotist and SHE puts family above all else.

    • Gilbert says:

      I disagree, Ronald. She resigned because she knew she was likely to lose the next election. Many New Zealanders are very happy.

  7. Warren,

    If you do another KinsellaPollTM on this website, here’s my vote:

    Spring election: 85-90% chance. IMHO, no way will they wait until fall. Trudeau thinks his Liberals are the Biden Democrats in 2022.

    There is no way in hell that HimselfTM is leaving. Not a chance.

  8. Peter Williams says:


    I’m curious why you think Trudeau will call a spring 2023 election.

    Last one was in fall 2021. So next is due in 2025. Why would Trudeau go now?

    Trudeau has played Jagmeet Singh and the NDP, and in spite of rhetoric to hold Trudeau to account, so far that’s proven to be an empty threat. And even if Singh withdraws support, there is still the Bloc.

    Not criticizing, just curious.

    • Peter,

      My view is not based on facts. It’s more intuition that the economy still has a considerable nosedive to take along with ever-increasing inflation. Note that we are not in deflation now. We are only in temporary disinflation mixed with two elements of stagflation: high inflation will be back along with slow and stagnant economic demand. So I expect in the near term a much bigger bond and stock market crash coupled with a very severe recession. If I was the Trudeau Liberals, I would want to take my chances sooner rather than later. But my view is worth what it’s worth. It’s pure speculation.

      • As for the Bloc: with Trudeau going to war with Legault over the notwithstanding clause and a possible SCOC reference, the Bloc will want to flush Trudeau and his Liberals if they get an opportunity.

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