, 03.05.2023 10:08 AM

KINSELLACAST 251: Lilley, Kheirddin, Belanger on China crisis! Hot mystery chef guest! Plus: The Kills, Hanni El Khatib, Justin Townes Earle, Jeremie Albino & Cat Clyde!


  1. Martin Dixon says:

    I can verify that not everyone at the Ford thing paid for their ticket. I was offered a free one and I am pretty far down the food chain as far as the Tories go. I avoid those events like the plague plus it would have involved driving into the big smoke which I avoid like the plague. I will happily donate to those sorts of things but my price of admission is to let me stay away. Plus I like to keep my donations local. Two exceptions. Peter MacKay debt repayment initiatives and the Patrick Brown fundraising tour which saved the party for Ford. Patrick still doesn’t get sufficient credit for that.

  2. Warren,

    Once all of this comes out, especially about who got money and how much, you will see this Prime Minister resigning, before the Liberals have absolutely no other choice but to force him out as leader. This is a question of LPC survival. They just don’t know it yet.

    • Douglas W says:

      “Once all of this comes out, especially about who got money and how much …”

      Ronald, that’s a pretty big assumption — disclosures of this magnitude.

      Katie and Gerry are quite proficient when it comes to putting a lid on all things, and they will go to great and nasty lengths to ensure their survival.

  3. Hum. Brenda is retiring. Interesting timing. What did she know and when did she know it? I hope Pierre pushes this as far as he possibly can.

  4. Warren,

    I don’t like big beholding money in politics. That should be from a bygone era. Ontario needs more campaign financing reform. But then again, I’m not an Ontario PC.

  5. Yup, they don’t want another Gomery. In-camera for sure, but national security leaks likely would still happen.

  6. A lot of us have files in all the right places. His file is probably massive and overflowing. So, they need to get him indirectly out. End of story.

  7. I won’t waste my keyboard strokes trying to get Pierre to give up on this WEF nonsense.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      The wrong person is getting mocked when it comes to the WEF. Why doesn’t the media play the disavowal game they do to us all the time with people they don’t like when Schwab says he has penetrated the cabinet? Or just use it as a source of mockery like Garner did? From Tristin Hopper in the NP:

      “If Trudeau has a weakness for using WEF talking points, she wrote, it’s mostly because he’s an idiot who recycles “fashionable buzzwords” and wouldn’t mind an “invite back to the Davos party scene.””

      That is about right.

  8. Lee Hill says:

    My last confession was yada, yada…Forgive me father, but I only listened to this podcast because Warren played The Kills. Sue me.

  9. You don’t? I like my Mac and Cheese with ground beef!

  10. Bet you had a blast in Montreal. Something tells me you definitely didn’t overeat.

  11. Curious V says:

    Talking to my dad, and he says “if the conservatives want to be in charge they should elect somebody like Peter Lougheed”. I agree – if they elect guys like PP they don’t deserve to run the country. Elect a thoughtful moderate with dignity and intelligence, not a demagogue like PP.

  12. Peter Williams says:

    NDP urging a public inquiry into foreign interference in Canadian elections.

    Rumour has it the want to start with Zimbabwe. Then move on to Zambia, Yemen, Vietnam and so on.

  13. Peter Williams says:

    Which political campaigns quietly and illegally, returned part of the contribution – the difference between the original donation and the government’s tax refund – back to donors.


    • Peter,

      I hope that the hospitals nearest The Star have plenty of anti-stroke medication on hand cause the Editorial Board is going to need it in infinite quantities.

  14. Curious V,

    Well, I’ll say something about you: you certainly are nothing if not persistent. Too bad that your theme relies on a broken record.

    • Curious V says:

      Are you quitting the party? Looks like the three members who posed with the Nazi are staying in caucus.

      • Curious V,

        Yes it does to this point. Not a good idea.

        So, they can do as they wish and so will I. I won’t be vigorously defending them going forward. My stance will be far more that of an observer than a partisan. Leaders come and go and so will this one and his “decision”.

        As for the other guy and his party, forget it.

    • Curious V says:

      Staying on message, that’s all. Funny – when I started working in the bars as a university student they said the same thing – you sure are persistent.

      • Curious V says:

        I was a hell of a salesman too – persistence. I used to sell employee benefit plans, industrial tools and I worked in consumer packaged goods for a while – two qualities they always mentioned were work ethic, and persistence.

  15. Peter,

    My guess is that Singh is finally starting to feel the heat from his membership. He’s boxing himself in, in favour of an inquiry. Mighty good for us. Jagmeet will give us an election. I can’t wait.

    • Peter Williams says:

      Jagmeet can vote against Trudeau, but Trudeau will do a deal with the Bloc.

      I suspect the Bloc would get more concessions from Trudeau than Jagmeet.

      And the rest of us would get screwed.

      • Peter,

        Trudeau won’t even make minor concessions to Legault. Why would he make some to the Bloc and thereby deliberately undermine Legault and his government?

        Not smart if he wants to keep their Quebec seats.

        • Peter Williams says:


          Trudeau wants to stay in power, and to avoid an election he’ll deal with the Bloc.

          Whether he honours any deal with the Bloc is another story

    • Douglas W says:

      Jagmeet’s not turning on them until he qualifies for the pension.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        I had forgotten he wasn’t elected until 2019 the first time you brought up the pension issue(which is always a real thing especially with this bunch who really don’t have a lot of options in the private sector).

  16. Martin Dixon says:

    Here is how it will go in the House today. Tories will accuse the Liberals of treason and demand an inquiry(reasonable). Liberals will deflect by calling the Tories Nazis(insane but we all have to wait with bated breath to see if the Toronto types fall for it). Wash, rinse and repeat.

  17. Douglas W says:

    China interference is a full-blown crisis for Trudeau & the PMO because they don’t know how much CSIS knows.

    But they fear there’s more leaks to come … at the most damaging times.

  18. Sean says:

    If there is going to be a China enquiry it needs to include intelligence investigations as to why it is so difficult to make Chinese food at home that tastes and smells as delicious as the restaurant.

    Brian Lilley should forever be known as the Shaman from the Hammer.

    Joe SXXX from Red Deer should be a regular guest.

    These are my rulings on this week’s Kinsellacast and they can bear the test of bicameral Parliamentary scrutiny.

  19. Peter Williams says:

    Now the RCMP are investigating Chinagate. Not the illegal campaign contributions, but rather they want to find the people who embarrassed Trudeau.

    A buddy of mine, who once lived in the USSR, phoned me to say, “I thought I left that sort of sh*t behind me when I came to Canada.”

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Good luck with that. If they find out who did and charge him or her, that person will be lauded as a patriotic hero. The son of a clothing store owner in Brantford that had been robbed several times decided to sleep at the store with a shotgun. Sure enough, the place was broken into again. He shot the robber in the leg. He was charged with various and sundry offences. All eventually dropped.

    • Peter,

      After the Brenda affair, the RCMP is not about to do this or any other government’s bidding. They already took a huge credibility hit previously.

      Intelligence agencies and police services are often of a common mind and shared interests.

  20. Curious V says:

    The best step forward is probably to create a foreign agent registry. A public inquiry won’t shed much light because most of the material is confidential.

  21. Martin Dixon says:

    They kept Chagger away from the house today too. They played cute games about the PROC report during QP and did the same after. Trying to kick the committee report down the road a few days, I guess. While the tall foreheads and kids in the short pants try to figure out how to deal with it.

  22. Peter Williams says:

    Special rapporteur?

    Yeah who? Gerry Butts

  23. Gloriosus et Liber says:

    If there will be an inquiry, it will be so broad and focus on Russian bots and MAGA fake news that is getting Uncle Fred in Fort Bumfucknowhere, Saskatchewan all agitated. The NDP said as much in their motion, not mentioning China once.

  24. Peter Williams says:

    Special rapporteur?

    Dominic Barton?
    John McCallum?
    Bev McLachlin?

  25. Peter Williams says:

    My French isn’t great, but I’m hearing that “rapporteur” in colloquial French is not a flattering term … it’s like stooly in English.


    1. A living or dummy pigeon used to decoy others
    2. An informer for the police.

    Seems like both the stooly definitions would apply to what Justin is trying to do with his announcement.

  26. Martin Dixon says:

    Who is an “eminent” Canadian that everyone would agree on? Off the top of my head, I can only think of one. Paul Henderson. Even 99 and 4 have been slammed for their political views.

  27. Curious V says:

    I agree that thee needs to be a registry of foreign agents, but PP’s extremism is demagoguery. He’s made this a completely partisan issue rather than something pertinent to national security – It’s just about politics to him, when all leaders should be focusing on what’s best for Canada. I’m seeing adds on Facebook from the conservatives/people’s party that look like Russian propaganda.

    • Curious V,

      Best for Canada indeed. If Trudeau was EVER in that frame of mind, he would have resigned during SNC…but Trudeau is Trudeau after all, so what do you expect? What we got.


  28. Curious V says:

    PP just wants a show trial – nothing of value would come from a public inquiry with PP involved – there would be too many blanks due to confidentiality and PP is more than happy to fill in the blanks – as serious as this is for Canada you can’t count on PP to treat it that way- he just wants a kangaroo court/show trial

    Personally, I want more attention paid to keeping our elections free of foreign interference, but PP doesn’t really care. Like everything else, he fills in the blanks, interested more in a good story than facts and effective safeguards.

  29. Warren,


    Yup, a picture indeed is worth a thousand words: OK, a special rapporteur. Check out their faces — no smiles there — they all have a look of being collectively constipated. They know they’re already on the ropes. They look like they’re all going to their political “execution.” Made my day! Ah, them chickens.

  30. Martin Dixon says:

    I guess the CBC has decided that this has gone on too long. We all have had our fun but enough is enough. They had someone on P and P named Sarbjit Kaur that said there would be a January 6th up here if some of the rhetoric didn’t stop. Sorry, but that is just silly. At least on PBS, they would have challenged her or had someone else on to do it. Pretty well sums up right there why that ridiculous network should not be funded.

    • Martin,

      TRUDEAU Liberals have made their bed and now collectively get to politically die in it. CBC or no CBC.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Last night they hauled out Amanda Alvaro. First of all, she has no cred left after her involvement in one of the scandals but her defense of JT was actually laugh out loud funny.

      • Martin,

        These people, the never-die Trudeauists need to video themselves mouthing their bullshit so it can finally dawn on most of them how stupid they look and how they come across to Joe and Jane: basically laughing at their fellow Canadians.

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