, 03.12.2023 10:49 AM

KINSELLACAST 252: From China with love – with Kheiriddin, Belanger, Lilley – and Rockin’ Al! Plus: Gnarwolves, Young Winona, Cayetana, Love Inn, Grumpster and Sex Pistols!


  1. Martin Dixon says:

    Great music this week. Added Young Winona, Cayetana and The Love Inn to my playlist. The main find though was Cayetana’s cover of Age Of Consent. Have 9 covers now and that one is great. I am sure our host will likely disagree but Hooky’s bassline is my favourite by a mile.

  2. Curious V says:

    There could very well be an inquiry. The individual tasked with reviewing this is going to be under a lot of pressure to recommend an inquiry – we shall see. PP could be the PM someday – god save us all.

    • Curious V,

      And I thought only Powell was about to pivot. At least in your case, it’s an honest assessment of potential reality.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Calm down Curious. We only argue about things on the fringes here. Most of the major things are settled and we will be fine. It is silly to even have to point that out. Harper didn’t destroy the country. PJH didn’t vote for him because of his inaction on salmon. That is the sort of thing we will debate. It is cute it is so quaint.

  3. Martin Dixon says:

    338 polls look a bit better.

  4. Warren,

    This is it and it will hit all incumbent governments. By the end, most of them will have lost power. It’s called a banking collapse, primarily across regional banks in the United States. Unfortunately, the cascading effect has already started with bank runs at First Republic as of yesterday. And with Dodd-Frank having prohibited bank bail-outs, bank bail-ins are coming, at least in the United States. (P.S. Bank bail-outs are also prohibited in this country, under Trudeau government legislation.)


    • Well, Biden did it: just broke the law. Dodd-Frank prohibited bank bail-outs and now the Treasury, Fed and FDIC are doing it. Why, because New York regulators just closed Signature Bank. Remember the bank run on First Republic this weekend. When it goes down, all of its depositors will be made whole, indirectly by taxpayers. In short, a bail-out by another name. Again, they broke the law to favour their donors in Silicon Valley, you know, Democratic Party donors and their lobbyists. Shame on them. And Joe and Jane taxpayer are stuck with the bill while the rich get infin8tely richer. For the rest of us, inflation is about to surge as Powell pivots on interest rate hikes. It’s coming.

      • Unlike most of my late Mom’s family (except her, born in Montreal, while the rest, born in Milwaukee) I’m not a dual. Otherwise after this, I would definitely vote against Biden in ’24 if he’s the nominee. This should sink his re-election as at minimum, stagflation is next along with a severe recession. What a dumbass. Oh God, President DeSanctimonious. Yuck.

        • I’m like a petulant child, so damned pissed off about this, I can’t sleep a wink. Before this, inflation was still high but at least it was decelerating as energy and food prices started to come down. So, there was some disinflation in a few sectors. But this lunacy will spike inflation upwards thanks to more money creation. The Fed always had two choices: kill the bond and stock markets OR kill the dollar. They can’t save both and so gold, silver and even Bitcoin are in for quite a leg up. But Bitcoin isn’t sound money so take your profits early and fast because this is, at best, a bear market rally for Bitcoin. Nothing more.

          • Martin Dixon says:

            The Bridal Path JT supporting Toronto types will be just delighted. My philosophy has always been to be overweight in stuff you can touch.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Quoting Joe a few minutes ago:

        “No losses will be borne by the taxpayer.” Technically correct but a lie given what will happen to their pay cheques.

  5. Not our Katie. No. Like I said before, when this all blows up and they are kicked out on their ass in an election, I hope with all my heart that Telford at least gets the consulate in Siberia.

    • You know what would be fun: bring our Katie before the appropriate HOC and Senate committees, or joint Committees, and ask her what precise instructions she got from ChinaBoyDumbDumbTM? Right after that, it’s all over for the TrudeauCHINASHINELiberalsTM.

      • And Katie better spill all of it, because those frowning Five Eyes already know PRECISELY every detail of what this Prime Minister did, or perhaps more importantly, quite deliberately didn’t do. Otherwise, the drip, drip becomes Niagara Falls.

  6. N says:


    In this province, we’ve lost a series of judges, even chief justices, to DUI/DWI stops.

  7. Better.


    In this province, we’ve lost a series of judges, even chief justices, to DUI/DWI stops.

  8. Peter Williams says:

    Don’t know if the caricature of Justin as Mao qualifies as a micro-aggression, but I like it.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      And we sit up here and smugly look down on the Americans for electing T. It has always been laughable. I have voted Liberal before(Jane Stewart) but I can proudly say I have NEVER voted for JT. It is just unfathomable to me how it was not obvious in 2015 what we were getting into then and even more unfathomable how people are STILL twisting themselves into pretzels trying to rationalize voting for him again. Same as the MAGA types. Worse actually. Much worse.

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