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KINSELLACAST 254: Lilley, Kheiriddin, Belanger on the Middle Kingdom! Plus the JIns, Destroy Boys, Weird Nightmare, Dog Party


  1. Warren,

    “Not much meat to it.” Ah, a Justin Trudeau specialty…

  2. If they don’t tell their story, draw your own conclusions: One may be CSIS and another, our version of Paul Whelan.

    • Just to clean up my sloppy writing: one may be ex-CSIS because if either or both are CSIS, they would have had diplomatic cover while in theatre. Translation: neither of them could then have been arrested, much less imprisoned.

  3. CSIS is obligated by law to brief the Prime Minister and the appropriate politicos and staff. However, theoretically speaking, IF the word is sent back to them that briefings are not or no longer required going forward, that kinda puts CSIS in a government-created penalty box.

  4. Mélanie Joly sticks her nose into it. Interesting.

  5. Warren,

    I want to sincerely thank this PM for his ongoing efforts at putting the CPC in power in Canada. This guy finally recognizes that this government is, at the very least, a national disgrace. So again, many thanks for doing quite literally everything he possibly can to effect a change of government in the next election. Good job!

  6. Some folks argue that the U.S. should not store the data that AI and AGI collects because of its America first policies. They say that because America is focused on its own interests first instead of world interests, any data stored by America may not be secure.

    Great discussions/show, good music, comme toujours.

  7. Martin Dixon says:

    Thinking the two Michaels got paid off and signed a NDA?

    And maybe I need to re-listen but someone said that ALL PP brought up with Biden was allowing unvaccinated individuals into the US(seems reasonable and self-evident given what we are doing) when he had an opportunity to bring up other things. Actually just did. Either Belanger is wrong or The NP is:

    “He said they discussed the need for Canada to bolster its defence systems and “bring fairness” to workers by seeing the U.S. exempt Canada from its Buy American policies.

    The Tory leader also said he expressed a need for Biden to axe tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber, arguing that the long-standing dispute saw a brief reprieve under Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper.”

    I am going with Belanger.

    Here is what PP said:


    “Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre speaks with reporters about his meeting with Joe Biden as he makes his first official visit to Canada as president of the United States. The Conservative leader says he raised cooperating further on North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), ending softwood tariffs, getting an exemption for Canada on “Buy America” rules, and removing vaccine mandates for Canadians crossing into the United States.”

    Thinking other people were sitting in the meeting so also thinking PP would not be gilding the lily.

    Biden and PP both strike me as happy warriors. So refreshing compared to the smug, condescending, lecturous know it all leadership we get up here.

    Weird Nightmare track was great. Already had Searching For You. Had to be from an earlier show.

  8. Martin Dixon says:

    I don’t very often quote The Toronto Daily Star unless it is to mock it but this quote caught my eye from an article by Stephanie Levitz. Kind of blows out of the water the nonsense that PP does not appeal to “everyday people”, whoever the hell they are. Unless, of course, working-class voters are not “everyday people”.

    “Where Poilievre’s polling numbers have been strong in recent weeks is in that demographic; a poll by the firm Abacus Data suggested he enjoys more support among working-class voters, for example, than does the leader of any other party.”

    • Martin,

      Let’s move to logic step number one: if working-class voters are in our corner, where is the national outreach plan for CPC supporters to use databases to make sure that these people vote on election day? Exactly. Nowhere, so far.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Ronald, charity begins at home. We will get them in our riding from a thorough canvassing. Not worried about it in the slightest. We’ll canvas them, get them in our database and get them out on E day. We have a great GOTV. What is your EDA doing in your riding?

        • Martin,

          I haven’t been involved with an EDA since 2008. I stopped going when I switched to the Liberals and didn’t get involved in their EDA at all. Since, SNC, all I have is a membership. However, I did receive a nice holiday card from Deltell, so $1,700 will be in his future. Eventually. LOL.

          • Martin Dixon says:

            Ronald-At least you are putting your money where your mouth is! I tell people all the time, left and right, stop bitching online and actually donate or volunteer.

  9. Peter Williams says:

    So Jagmeet Singh thinks he can do a better job as PM than Trudeau.

    He should call a non confidence vote, and we’ll see if Canadians agree.

    To me, the only good job Justin has done, is to play Mr Singh like a fiddle. Mr Singh has shown less ability than Justin.

  10. Peter Williams says:

    Thousands of Canadian forces members to lose cost of living benefits. This will save the Trudeau government $30 million a year.

    Meanwhile Justin and all other MPs get a raise April 1.

  11. Peter Williams says:

    “Everyone knows well that Canadians are facing tough times” says Justin Trudeau.

    So what does Mr Climate Change prevention do? He flies to Jamaica for a Christmas holiday. Cost? $163,000.


    This from a guy who gets a taxpayer provided vacation home at Harrington Lake, where Trudeau charged taxpayers for eight boats.

    Liberal entitlement, supported by Jagmeet Singh.

  12. Robin says:

    Can Telford at least tell when she was informed by CSIS and when she informed Trudeau? or will she lie and fall on her sword like Gerald Butts?

  13. Robin says:

    Will Singh continue to support the Trudeau Regime come hell or high water? If not, what will it take for Singh to bring down the gov’t?

    • Curious V says:

      Singh says he isn’t looking for an election. He voted for an inquiry to restore voters confidence in the system, not to force an election. He’s focused on returning voter confidence, and delivering on the priorities outlined in the deal they have with the Liberals – That’s the Coles Notes, as far as I could tell, from an interview I saw on Question Period. Dental coverage, assistance for at risk people (folks who are most impacted by inflation), and he mentioned he wants a pharma-care program, but at the outset he just wants an outline of the system, rather than funding – that would take a couple years. So, as long as the pact between the Liberals, and the NDP holds together, we’ll avoid an election until 2025.

      • Curious V says:

        Less than expected for vulnerable people – looks like a pretty tight budget. I’ve seen interviews with both Harper, and John Manley – both acknowledged the difficulties with deficit levels are due to necessary spending through the pandemic. Most, if not all, major western democracies were left with a hefty financial burden following the plague outbreak.

        • Curious V,

          I don’t disagree with Harper and Manley’s specific point but that’s not the main story: The Bank of Canada followed The Federal Reserve’s lead post-2008 and created up to (45%) of the money supply (in the U.S.) in those years via the digitization of currency. That process was massively inflationary. Fiscal expenditures were also steadily on the rise but the hockey stick there did not happen until COVID-19.

    • Yup. Singh now has zero credibility in Canadian politics. Geez, I wonder why?

      • Curious V says:

        He’s effecting change. He’s getting some of his priorities passed which won’t happen if the conservatives win. Using the minority to get key priorities passed is the best play for the NDP – he knows he’ll never be the pm, so at least he can have a positive impact.

        • Curious,

          They are fools because never once have they ever asked themselves why they are not seen as a credible alternative to the Liberals post-Jack. OK, it was a disaster for the LibDems in the UK but nonetheless, they need cabinet portfolios to show that they can be competent as a government-in-waiting but Jagmeet is too stupid to get that.

  14. Martin Dixon says:

    They cried uncle on all the dumbass UHT requirements and extended the filing deadline by 6 months. I had a bunch of my staff running around in a panic but I never bothered to get that familiar with the rules or excited about it because I knew an adult would eventually step up.

    Someone said that Chretien and Martin would find JT’s “spending cuts” quite funny.

  15. Martin Dixon says:

    They are breaking their arms patting themselves on the back about green energy and, yet, there was no mention of the Ring Of Fire. Ontario weighing in:

    “We note that the Ring of Fire wasn’t mentioned once in the budget. This is a missed opportunity for workers, for Canada’s growing electric vehicle and battery supply chains, as well as northern Ontario and Indigenous communities.”

    Wilkinson is constantly throwing water on the project despite the fact that he has caucus members up there touting it. It is difficult to take these virtue signallers seriously on the whole issue of green energy when they won’t do everything they can to move that project forward. It is critical to green energy and we won’t have to rely on unstable areas of the world to get the product.

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