03.01.2023 03:56 PM

One of these countries is not like the other


  1. Warren,

    Under the TRUDEAU Liberals, we’re a cover-your-ass excuse for a democracy. Xi has this Prime Minister right where he wants him. That should be painfully self-evident to even the most dim-witted Kool-Aid drinker.

  2. Sean says:

    ….the former had bad hair…. the latter has amazing hair…. that’s the difference…. that’s the only difference.

  3. Scot says:

    Scot, at Sml24@hotmail.com, has been warned repeatedly about using comments to attack me and other commenters. He has repeatedly violated that one rule. He’s barred.

  4. Peter Williams says:

    I like Alan Fryer’s comment.

    “President Biden’s trip to Ottawa later this month will be the first time in quiet a while that a US President has huddled with a high level PRC delegation.”


  5. western view says:

    The one thing that our Westminster style government has cornered is the hijacking of any meaningful checks and balances. This certainly isn’t new to the Trudeau Liberals but but this Government has taken ducking oversight to new heights.
    The PMO is standing in the middle of committee appointments and the mandates and means of committee operations, judicial appointments, Senate appointments…well you get the point. Two recent reports regarding the Freedom Convoy and Chinese meddling were written by highly accomplished judges or mandarins with a long history of association with the LPC or the Trudeau Foundation. The optics are terrible and a disservice to the public paying the freight and to the people writing the reports.
    The US Capital has the checks and balances needed to shine sunlight in shady places which is sadly lacking in Ottawa. Why can’t an ad-hoc Committee be struck to investigate Chinese meddling, with a Chair appointed by the combined vote of the Opposition Parties?

    A good place for renovations isn’t 24 Sussex, it’s bringing regional balance to the Senate with elected Senators who operate beyond the long arm of the ruling government. That’s a great place for serious committee work with documents turned over for scrutiny and witnesses compelled to testify.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      I kept telling everyone to calm down after T got elected-even Americans I ran into in Bermuda the day after the election that were thinking about not going home. Said that the US had too many checks and balances. It would eventually be fine. We have none. We may still not get him even with this. A PM with a majority or a sycophant NDP is a dictator basically. It is kind of frightening and this proves it.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        The one check and balance parties can VOLUNTARILY give themselves is The Reform Act. The “facsist” party gave themselves the power to use it and have. The Liberals did not for obvious reasons because they knew there were a few non cult MPs in the caucus. They now have no voice. And we know what happens to those that do speak up. So, those that compare the Tories to fascists can spare me. We have an actual real live dictatorship in action now and have for 8 years and it is presently facilitated by the NDP.

  6. Warren,

    Ah, if Scot is feeling the heat, it’s got to be serious heat to unnerve both him and Telford’s denizens in the PMO. In short, they’re already in crisis mode and can quite literally feel power slipping right through their little fingers.

    The Globe and Mail and Global News won’t be giving this bunch a pass. Too bad that. LOL.

  7. So Jagmeet is going to get us an inquiry. I hope all the opposition parties vote that same way.

    • Peter Williams says:

      Here’s how the ‘inquiry’ will unfold:
      1. Trudeau appoints an ‘independent’, suitably vetted by the PMO to assure ‘independence’ (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
      2. Witnesses are called. Get used to hearing, “I cannot answer on the grounds of national security”
      3. Lots of accusations of racism for even talking about China.
      4. Senior Liberals will appear before the inquiry and admit to lots of meetings with Chinese representatives because they share a liking for dim sum and Szechuan food.

    • Warren,

      Trudeau will not respect the PROC vote. His government will fight the recommendation tooth and nail. Why? Because if an inquiry is ultimately held what comes out publicly will signal the death knell for this government. Like Titanic, most of this Prime Minister’s problems are way, way, way below the waterline. Trudeau Liberals can’t and WON’T risk any or all of that coming out publicly.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Remember their names. I assume the chair did not get a vote. I think these were the no votes.


  8. So…to the media and opposition party MPs I say: keep the heat on and turn it up to maximum intensity. They’re on the ropes now. Go for the political kill. Fuck ’em.

  9. Phil in London says:

    The biggest difference is Canada has a natural governing party. The USA does not. The house / senate and presidency can and do change very regularly.

    If Canada elects non-liberals (not that often really) it is to give them a break from the stresses of virtue signalling and some time to spend the largesse of their corruption.

    Then again, we get the government we deserve don’t we?

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